How to use your ‘ghar ka ladder’ as an awesome wedding decor prop!

You are going to looove this Wedding decor idea and your guests will appreciate it as well.

With all the awesome DIY decor ideas brides-to-be are using nowadays to add that rustic feeling to their wedding, you will not believe how versatile this common tool can be.

Whether it is just a decor prop decorated with flowers or a photo booth prop or something to represent the journey the newlyweds are to embark upon, it looks good in any setting.

It can be decorated and used as a stand for directional signage

Image Source

As a backdrop for Photos. Photo Credit- Witty Vows
As a Decor Element
As a prop hanger
As a trellis to simply just wrap with creepers and bulbs
As a prop for your pre-wedding photo-shoot
Put two together and add some shelves to make it a Dessert Counter!
Cool summer refreshers anyone?
Makes for a great Decor prop as well

It has outstanding versatility and can blend in amazingly well with all the other decor you plan, plus, it is cost effective 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post, if you have any awesome ideas we would love to feature them!


Are You Ready for the Festival of Lights?

The festive season is just around the corner. A few days to go and a whole load to prep up for, what are the main things you should be focusing on? Well, we give you a roundup of everything that is part of this beautiful festival of lights, Diwali.

Decorate the house

As we all know the world ‘Diwali’ is synonymous with lights, your house needs just that. After a good round of Diwali cleaning, decorate key areas of your house with festive lights. Available in various colors and themes, these lights are perfect for the alter in your home, the balcony, the garden and of course the doors. In addition to the lights, bring in the traditional forms of decoration with rangoli designs. Bring out the rangoli powder, rice or petals but get the design going.

Light the diyas

A celebration without the traditional festive oil lamps called diyas is a big no-no. While you can choose from a large variety of clay lamps readily available in the market these days, for those of you with young children, go ahead and get experimental. Make use of this festive time to bond with the kids as you all sit together and paint colorful diyas for the occasion. For those who live in apartments that are stringent with rules on flames, don’t fret. Bring out the electric candles and make sure the pathway to your door is well lit.


Prepare the sweets

Diwali without sweets is like a birthday without cake! Remember this is the time where we go visit family and friends and many of them visit us too. Make sure the sugar is in abundance. If you are a modern family struggling with this fast paced world, you can opt for chocolates to do the wonders but if you have the time, we suggest you keep the old charm alive. Buy traditional mithai for Diwali or give your cooking skills a shot. Simple and quick recipes can be found online to feed the sweet cravings this Diwali.


Adorn yourself

Toss the old, buy some new. Celebrate the festival with new clothes. Take the effort to iron your clothes, scrub yourself and feel your best. While you adorn yourself, make this Diwali special for someone else too. Old clothes that are in very good condition can be donated to someone less fortunate than you are. Ensure the clothes are washed, ironed and well wrapped before you donate them. This gives the recipient the thrill of opening a Diwali present.

Bring out the cards

We all know that Diwali without a cards session makes it quite incomplete. Bring out your playing deck and gather with family and friends for a fun game of cards. The laughter, chatter and banter is sure to liven up the atmosphere and give you a great opportunity to get together with near and dear ones and perhaps build new relationships with the old and forgotten ones.


Pray for peace and prosperity

Lastly, a Diwali without a pooja is thoroughly incomplete. Bid goodbye to the past times and welcome the better times as you surrender to the deities. Ensure every family member is a part of the prayers and together pray for peace and prosperity.


Hopefully, incorporating a little something from everything will make your Diwali complete and memorable. From The Wedding Co. team, here’s wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Diwali.