Home is Where the Heart is

They say ‘you don’t only marry the man, you marry the family’ and that statement holds true especially when it comes to a bride moving to her new home. The home may be one with in laws or without them but either way it brings a whole lot of responsibility when doing it up. You either have the responsibility of creating your little space within an existing one or creating a new space that’s reflective of the values you and your spouse share.

For those brides who are moving into a house that has already been set up, the key to success is understanding that you are not here to revolutionize the way the house has been done up. Instead, understand your role as the newest member to this family and try and add a new perspective or dimension to the interiors. Bring in a little spark of your own personality in areas that permit it.


Similarly for couples living by themselves, how much time you spend doing up your house is not as important as how much of it you’ve spent doing things together. Work on planning, choosing and setting up areas of the house together to eventually create a space that is reflective of you both.

For a couple in either scenario, here is a list of different ways you can use to work on decorating your pad.

Your bedroom can be a good place to begin with. As a couple, work on making the bedroom a little haven for your ‘together time’ by incorporating colors and fabrics that appeal to you both. Colors are known to have a long standing association with human emotions therefore choose the ones that exude romance, tranquility and togetherness.


Though it is extremely important to choose furniture that is comfortable and within your budget, it is also nice to play around with furniture. Add a love couch, bean bag or a curve seater to add a bit of playfulness to the room.

P1202322You can skip the traditional block painted walls for wall paper to suit the theme of your room. This also gives you the freedom to choose patterns that create an ambiance and turn the room to something spunkier.


Also accessorize the room with elements that create an ambiance such as candles, incense sticks or burners. Keep memories of moments spent together fresh at all times with picture frames and collages on walls or the bed side.


Lastly, add a personal touch to your bathroom with personalized laundry. Having initials embroidered on bathrobes, towels and bath slippers or having them color coded is a good way to create a ‘his & her’ feel to laundry thus making it more apt for couples.

The above are just guidelines that every couple can use but one must remember there is no right way or wrong way when it comes to creating a home. Get as creative as you want.