10 Summer Refreshers to have at your Outdoor Wedding !

It’s that time of the year where the mercury soars, the beautiful sunny outdoors beckon and are the ambiance for an outdoor wedding soiree 🙂

Summer Refreshers and Coolers are the perfect way to get things started.

These delicious sips of goodness in a glass can do wonders to refresh your guests and help set the perfect pace for the celebration to follow.

In this post, we list down 10 ideas for chilled summer refreshers you can have at your wedding!

1.Ginger Lime Basil Spritzer

Ginger Lemon Basel Mimosa

Ginger Lemon Basel Mimosa at your wedding

Source Credit: http://www.womansday.com

2.Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade at weddings

Strawberry Lemonade at weddings

Source Credit: http://www.fortherloveofthesouth.com

3.Lime Basil Watermelon Cooler

Lime Basel Watermelon Cooler

Lime Basel Watermelon Cooler to beat the heat at your wedding

Source Credit: http://www.healthyrecipeecstacy.com

4.Fresh Pineapple and Coconut water with Lime and Mint

Coconut Water Pineapple Juice Cooler

Coconut Water Pineapple Juice Cooler with a hint of lemon can be very refreshing for everyone at your wedding, add a dash of Vodka and make it a cocktail 🙂

Image Source: Camilla Rutherford

5.Aam Panna

Aam Panna

Chilled Aam Panna, the sweet and tangy flavour at any outdoor wedding 🙂

Source Credit: http://www.whatscookingmom.in


JalJeera is a great cooler for weddings!

Jal Jeera is an all time favorite, the spiciness and burst of flavours is liked by all wedding guests!

Source Credit: http://www.yummytummyaarthi.com

7.Khus Mocktail

Khus Sherbat

A desi recipe with a dash of mint.

Source Credit: http://www.allaboutwomen.com

8.Nimbu Pani ( Lemonade )

Nimbu Pani at weddings.

Nimbu Pani is an eternal favorite for any outdoor celebration.

Source credit: Indobase

9.Healthy Smoked Chilled Chaas

Chilled Smoked Masala Chaas for your Wedding.

Chilled Smoked Masala Chaas, the healthy way to beat the heat for your wedding guests !

10.Strawberry Mango Sangria

Strawberry Mango Sangria

An exotic and fruity mix to tickle the taste buds of your wedding guests

Source Credit: Pinterest

These are some of our Favorites:)

Wedding Planning should be all about the experience and your journey should be as fantastic as the destination, we hope you enjoy this post and would love to hear your suggestions/feedback in our comments section!

Darryl and Nirmala

image (1)

First time I met Nirmala Maria Pinto (I know what you’re thinking very unusual name for a catholic) was at grant road station during our HSC board exams. We were part of a common group of friends in college. There she was shouting “ Pee Party” at the top of her voice for some unknown reason and the obvious thought in my mind was “ that’s a weird way to get to know someone “,but as time passed by and I got to know her better I started to realize how similar we are and yet so different.

She on the other hand thought I was cute when we first met and so did another friend of hers, they had this contest running to find out, who from the both of them, would ask me for my number  (you’ve all at some point done that “dude get me an intro thing”). Nirmala at that point, as bold as she is as a person, simply just walked up to me an asked me for my number. I was taken aback, my cheeks were red and almost in a voice as manly as Whoopie Goldberg, I said, “9xxxxxxxx ”.

And so then on, even if ,we always used to hangout with a large group of friends, as soon as we went back home we used to chat all night via text or speak on the phone for hours.

Then I started realizing how much  I liked Nirmala, I cant stop talking to her or about her. I decided I will do something about this, I mean she had to know how I felt right? , so when we went for the DYC camp (The archdiocese of the Church, take kids from the Local parish to Khandala for a retreat ) with our friends and that’s when I decided I am going to pursue my feelings for her, I even convinced her to put in extra biryani in her plate so we could eat from the same plate, tried to make her jealous by flirting with other girls, which in my opinion worked, although she will never admit to it.


As time went by we both grew very fond of each other. There wasn’t one day where we would not speak to each other , evidence being, that because of my inability to pay my own bills, my cell phone was confiscated by my dad TWICE because of the phone bills he got, however that did not stop me, the guy at the PCO still waves at me and calls out to me every time I pass by, even after all these years have passed.

You would be surprised to know however that even through all this, I still had not garnered the guts to ask her out, until cupid shot me with his arrow to give me courage, and on 1st of may I asked her out on a date ‘officially’.

From the first time I met her on 29th February 2008, to all the craziness  in between, to me asking her out on 1st of may 2008, until now its been an amazing 6 years 7 months , and I had not even counted how long it has been until the time I sat down to write it, Nirmala, we will see through this life together.

The After(Wedding)Life

The After (Wedding) Life

Mouse = mice… so spouse = spice?! Well (heh), no. Relationships are hard work. While the seemingly obvious equation may hold true at times, it’s important to try and spice things up with your spouse once in a while and not take them for granted. Especially, make sure to not let your friendships take a front seat over your romantic relationship. Sound simple enough? The key is to strike a subtle balance between the two.

Don’t let the “J” set in

Friends are extremely important. Extremely. So it’s natural for your beloved to feel a little insecure of people who’ve been around. Your spouse may need reassurance of their place in your life once in a while. Give them that. Go out of your way to do the little things that let them know they have a special place in your life.

Three’s a crowd.

This especially holds true for all those haddi friends with their “more-the-merrier” attitude. I agree that there is nothing more perfect than seeing your spouse and friends get along. But, don’t push the boundaries with this one. It will not be appreciated if your buddies accompany you on dinner and movie dates. At the end of the day, it’s just as important to get that quality time in with your better half.

Practice what you preach

Relationships aren’t a one-way street. If you expect your spouse to get to know your friends, you need to make an effort to get to know their besties too. This will convey to them that there is a general importance that friendships hold in your life—even when they aren’t your own.

Let them mark their territory

Like I said before, insecurities tend to set in, usually with a pal of the opposite sex. It’s best to nip such feelings in the bud before they get blown out of proportion. So if your spouse is subconsciously behaving like a wounded animal trying to protect it’s prize, let them get it out of their system. They will realize soon enough that there was no need to protect you from a friendship that was harmless to begin with.

Put two and two together

It’s a good idea to have a gargantuan gathering with your spouse’s friends and yours together once in a while. At least try it out. If all goes well and everyone gets along, meeting friends will be fun and a stress buster and something you could do together. It may also help you save on that one extra engagement a month, which means you’ll have more time available to spend with your spouse.

Finally, step back, take a breath, and remember why you married in the first place. You obviously share such a comfort level that you could resolve most issues simply by communicating with each other. So follow the mantra that suits you best and live happily ever after!