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How To Choose Bridal Jewellery That Flatters Your Face And Skin


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Jewellery is undoubtedly the most important part of a bride’s look on her wedding day. It is also the trickiest to choose, keeping in mind not just the current trends and personal taste, but also one’s face shape and skin tone. Yes, the bridal jewellery must be bought with complete attention to such details that you might ignore otherwise. To pick out the perfect bridal jewellery for your D-day, allow us to be your guide, and help you through your journey of buying the perfect wedding sets.

Understand Your Face Shape

It is important to understand your face shape, before you begin with your jewellery shopping. We are going to tell you about neckpieces and earrings styles that will flatter your face shape because maang tikkas are comparatively simpler to choose. To select a perfect one, keep your forehead in consideration. If you have a broad forehead, then safely go for a heavier maang tikka with a matha patti. If you have a small forehead, pick out a small tikka, and go for a small crystal bindi along with it.

Round-shaped face


Right kind of jewellery will help you to offset the roundness of your face. Pick a long necklace that extends below the neckline, along with chandelier earrings. Lay your hands on earrings in different shapes and cuts, like square or oval. Teardrop earrings would look best on you.

Better Avoid: Steer clear of round-shaped earrings, and even round cut diamonds or gemstones.

Oval-shaped face


Neither round nor long, this face shape is one where lots of versatility can be explored. You can flaunt long and short necklaces with equal aplomb. Play around with different styles of earrings, especially big hoops and danglers. While going for danglers, pick the ones that are angular in shape.

Better Avoid: Extra-long earrings are the only unsafe bet for you.

Rectangular-shaped face


Image Courtesy (R): Tanishq

Complement the length of your face with contrasting jewellery style. Choker-style necklace will look perfect on you, combined with short or round earrings. Even button earrings are a great choice. Basically, go for earrings that are soft and round.

Better Avoid: Do not ever go for hard angles like rectangular and square earrings.

Heart-shaped face


Image Courtesy (L-R): Indian Wear, Azva Jewellery

Since your chin area is narrower, go for shorter necklaces and chokers that lend a bit of roundness to your face. Danglers and teardrop earrings will give an elongated look to your face, and also ensure that the jawline does not look too sharp. Long cylindrical and triangular danglers are the ones you should be looking for.

Better Avoid: Stay away from small earrings and studs.

Understand Your Skin Tone

Skin tone does not only refer to being fair or dark. What we are talking about here is whether you are a warm-toned or a cool-toned person! Depending on this, the jewellery style that would suit you, will obviously differ.

Cool tone

If your veins appear bluish in colour, and your skin has a rosy undertone, then you are cool-toned person.

Diamonds are truly your best friends. Apart from that, choose metals, like platinum, white gold, silver, and Cubic Zirconis (CZ). They will look stunning on you.


When you wish to adorn a gemstone, look no further than white pearls, blue sapphires, ravishing rubies, exquisite amethysts, and striking deep emeralds. Also, do not shy away from embracing bright colours like pink, red, and purple that will make you look vivacious.


Warm tone

If your veins are greenish in appearance, and your skin has a golden sheen to it, then you have a warm skin tone.

Embrace yellow gold, kundan, or copper on your special day.


Talking of precious and semi-precious stones, go for colours like brown, yellow, orange, coral, turquoise, and olive. Golden pearls will also look great on you.


Image Courtesy: Tanishq

Some More Handy Tips:

  • If you do not wish to attract attention to your broad shoulders, avoid wearing brooches or an armband.
  • For any particular look, pick jewellery in one colour. Do not pick a red bracelet with blue earrings. It will end up looking tacky.
  • If your outfit is too sparkly, then go for subtle jewellery.
  • Do not let a piece of jewellery converge with another accessory or clothing. For instance, a necklace should not cover your studded waist belt, but rather end a few inches above it.

This Bride Had Her Love Story Embroidered On Her Wedding Lehenga…and we love it!

Kresha Bajaj, the young designer behind the label Koëcsh, married Vanraj Zaveri earlier this year at Udaipur’s Leela Palace.

Kresha knew she wouldn’t wear her wedding lehenga again but wanted to use it in some form or another. Inspiration struck when she remembered how a newlywed in an episode of The Real Housewives had gotten her wedding dress framed and put up in her house like artwork! But what should she have on her lehenga that not just looked like art, but was meaningful enough to be framed? Her love story with Vanraj Of course!

It took months to make the lehenga. The bride and groom’s names were embroidered onto it to form a chevron pattern, as were important moments of their life together—from dating milestones to the proposal, and a hem of jumping dolphins that signified the place where everything began for them.

The Newly Weds names embroidered on the Lehenga.

The Proposal beautifully depicted. Image Credit: The House of Pixels

The venue for the big day, The Leela Palace Udaipur was part of the embroidery as well!

Beautiful Guiseppe heels were the perfect fit for the beautifully embroidered Lehenga.

The Happy Couple!

‘Creativity really does blossom where the heart is free we must say!’. Here is wishing Kresha and Vanraj the best that life has to offer in their journey together.

Article Source: ShaadiSaga

Colour Me Wedding!


Indian weddings are all about glamour, to say the least. Luscious reds, royal goldens and imperial greens are usually preferred for D-day themes, which are untold signature tones for Indian affairs. However, the country is slowly moving out of its comfort zone, away from these safe hues and on to more daring shades.

Here are some scintillating colour palettes trending this 2015!

The Peacock

PicMonkey Collage

This palette is an amazing, classy combination of the various shades of the regal bird, which are easy to incorporate and pair together. Tints of teal, gold, blue and purple make for a royal wedding like no other. These gorgeous hues will impart a surreal feel to your already dreamy wedding.

Fluorescents and Pastels

PicMonkey Collage fluorescent

The trend of the age has been to pair the subtle with the bold. Match the overdone exuberance of fuchsia pink with a sober splash of pastel green, or the vivacity of flaming orange with the calming ripples of aqua. You’ll make a style statement that’s sure to make the wedding party swoon.

The Colourful Trinity

PicMonkey Collage trinity

Three-colour combinations give you the liberty to customise everything from the wedding outfit to the table centrepieces.  Some popular trios are peach, gold and mint; pink, grey and ivory; and purple, silver and blue. These awesome threesomes are sure to fit into any wedding style and personality, and they’ll add that extra oomph to the celebrations to make the revelry complete.

Single Tone

PicMonkey Collage single tone

Single-tone themes are always a safe bet; you can truly play around with different patterns and shades to add a classic appeal to your wedding decor. Pick shades of green if you wish to add an earthy feel to your wedding festivities, reds to make the affair sensuous, hues of blue for that a mystical element, pinks for a fairytale-like feel, yellows for a summertime wedding, the list is endless. These numerous tints and shades will contribute that extra pizzazz to your happy day.

There are various other combinations you can choose from to ensure that your wedding affair is one worth remembering. Fusions such as black and gold, pink and navy, purple and blue or lemon and lime, though unconventional, could be absolutely breathtaking if paired well. However, if you’re looking for a bold theme, it’s best to let a professional wedding planner handle the arrangements for you so you don’t go over the top with the preparations. On that note, pick a colour theme you relate to the most, and make your wedding day your dream come true. Happy coupling!

Stunning Hairdos for the "I Do"

Stunning Hairdos for the “I Do”

If you’re the bride, then whether you like it or not, you will command most of the attention on your wedding day. Every satin bow, every frill, every stroke of eye liner will probably be intensely analyzed. That’s why, it’s important that the little details are taken care of along with the big ones. The hairstyle you wear on your D-Day, though seemingly a small task, is a very big detail that can make or break your wedding look. So to make your life easier, here are some hairstyle trends from 2014!

The Chignon

A chignon is the most classic and safe hairstyle for the bride. If you’re looking for a no-fuss, low maintenance hairstyle that is elegant, yet easygoing, then these beautiful buns are the hairdo for you. And the best part? You can wear the chignon in at least 10 different ways, so there’s a huge variety you can choose from. Some favourites are the bouffant bun, the side swept chignon, the loosely curled chignon, and the braided chignon. Spice up these dazzling buns with beautiful accessories, and you’ll have all the armour you need to stun your wedding party.

The Braid

These enchanted locks are suitable for any outfit, in any setup, and for any occasion. One of the oldest ways to do hair, this style was considered a look for the plain Jane. However, modern-day fashionistas have rediscovered these modest tangles and revived their importance in high style. There are endless choices of braids available, such as the fishtail, the French braid, the five-strand braid, and the full crown braid. The hottest trend of 2014 is the ‘Katniss Braid’, made famous by Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Just pick one of these beautiful knots, and you’re bound to steal the show!

The Bouffant

If you’re looking for that elegant, retro, Audrey Hepburn look on your wedding day, then the bouffant is the hairstyle for you. This gorgeous do, made famous in the 60s (by dazzling women such as the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy), has made it’s way back on the ramps of international fashion weeks. Go with the classic, the poof, the ballerina, or the side bouffant, and transform yourself into a goddess to steal your groom’s heart all over again.

Long, Loose, Luxurious

If you’re considering something more natural, flowing, and bohemian to complete your wedding look, then let your hair down and pick a stunning open hairstyle to show off that irresistible mane. Tresses, classic curls, Hollywood waves, the half-up bun, the demi-bouffant, the waterfall braid – the options are endless! Elevate one of these dazzling dos with beautiful accessories and watch the wedding party swoon at your entry.

The Crop / Bob Cut

For all the divas out there who have a little bit of Victoria Beckham in them (if you were a teenager in the 90s, you’ll know what I’m talking about), the crop or bob cut is the ideal deal for you. These iconic mops are so stylish, they rarely need accessories to support them. However, you can surely enhance your look with a minimal accessory such as a flower or pretty hairband. One thing’s certain though; no matter how you wear this look, you’re going to have a red carpet rolled out for you!

It’s natural that most brides ignore their wedding hairdo until the wedding day is in the looming, what with the million things they need to get done. But the bride’s hairdo is the next most important thing after the wedding dress. Take the time to select a sizzling look for yourself, something you know you can pull off and be comfortable and confident in, and all the other elements that make up your bridal look will fall into place. Have a great wedding!

The Blushing Airbrushing Bride

The Blushing, Airbrushing Bride

“Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure – it can transform you.” – Francois Nars

A brush of magic, and you’ve transformed into that Disney princess you’ve always dreamed of. That’s the brilliance of makeup. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess on their wedding day, and we’re going to show you how. Some of the makeup fads trending this 2014 will leave your mouth watering for more!

Lipstick games
As far as lip trends go this year, nudes, blushing pinks, and delicious berries are the way to go. Teasing and coy, these not-so, yet invisible shades will transform our beloved brides into irresistible coquettes.

PS: For all you bold and boisterous brides out there, another color to watch out for is the exuberant orange (it’s the new red!)

Eye spy

‘Cat eyes’ are a simple, yet transformative trend that has been around for a while now. This feline fad will not only give that scandalously shocking effect to the demure bride, but it will also help accentuate those undiscovered cheekbones. So bust out your liquid liner and start practicing for that perfectly clean line!

Of braids and brides

This wedding season, do away with open-haired styles and boring buns. Bashful braids have suddenly gone bold and are no longer reserved for the girl next door. New-age brides are slowly realizing that braids can look totally chic and glamorous. They look absolutely fabulous on any jaw line or outfit, can be worn in a million different ways, and can be adorned with pretty accessories, such as flowers, barrettes and so forth. So be they regular, French or fishtail braids, these artistic tangled webs are out to make a statement.

The wedding brow

Thin, flimsy and machine-made eyebrows are so passé. The age of big and bold brows is back. Natural-looking eyebrows add a softness to the face, which is a secret that has recently been rediscovered. They symbolize how our generation is tracing its way back to long-forgotten trends. So for all those brides with not very well-endowed brows, make optimum use of the brow pencil to get perfectly groomed eyebrows and instantly revamp your look.


While it’s tradition in some cultures to go bold with bridal makeup to match the usually vibrant bridal attire, it’s also important for you to not look like a vamp on your wedding day. So it’s important to strike a contrast between the lip and eye shade you’re going to wear. If you want that smokey or beautiful cat-eyed look for your eyes, make sure you wear a nude lip color and not a hot pink to accompany it. Similarly, play down your eyes if you plan on shocking your lips with a vibrant red or orange.

So on this very voguish note and in the spirit of all things festive, keep the planning going for your D-Day, and watch this space for more insightful and life-changing updates. Good luck!

Give Me The Glow!

Give Me The Glow!

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’

The bride of course!

Beautifully glowing skin on the wedding day is every bride’s dream.  In the last couple of months leading up to the wedding, brides can indulge in a variety of treatments to give their skin the smoothness required.

Exfoliating – Scrubs and Moroccan baths are a great way to get rid of dead cells and give you silky smooth skin. Time your exfoliating sessions at least a month before the wedding so you minimize risk of rashes or redness on sensitive skin.


Masks – Getting rid of dead cells is not enough. Nourish your skin once it has been scrubbed in order to leave it smooth. Honey and turmeric masks are age old secrets of glowing Indian brides.



This is one treatment that calls for serious attention when being executed. Firstly, we urge every bride to take time and find a good facial therapist. Settling for an unknown one in order to save a few bucks might not be the appropriate thing at a time like this. Secondly, understand the treatment being suggested and use your knowledge to determine whether it is something that is required for your skin type. Lastly, aim to have a facial at least a month prior to your big day because inflamed skin is a definite no-no for all brides. Once the facial has been done, make it a point to religiously stick to a skin care routine in order to maintain the clean skin until your wedding day.


Relaxation sessions

The best gift any bride can give herself prior to the wedding is, time. Take a little time out for yourself every few days to relax.

Yoga – Simple breathing techniques and basic yogic postures under the guidance of a yoga instructor will not only relax you but leave you feeling rejuvenated which is a ‘must-feel’ for every bride.


Massages – Make it a point to visit a spa every week to indulge in Ayurvedic or any Eastern massages. Frequent massages will stimulate blood circulation thus giving you the energy you require during the wedding preparations as well as a healthy look.


Timing beauty treatments correctly and ensuring you stick to those timelines will take care of your grooming for your special day. Keep the above guidelines in mind and we assure you, as a bride, you will look the fairest of them all.