Wedding Beverages

Indian weddings pay a lot of attention to detail – be it the ceremonies, the decor or above all – the food. Welcoming guests is an important tradition, and what other way than serving hot or cold beverages as refreshments to everybody?

These beverages come from different parts of the country, and each of them are seasonal and unique. Not only are they favored by Indians, but are also gaining popularity globally; and are being used in many gourmet restaurants and weddings.

Today, these locally available beverages in India are being experimented with and fused with other ingredients to form unconventional Signature Mocktails in weddings.

 Chai or globally known as Tea is quintessential for any wedding as a part of their High Tea menu. Its can served black or white; hot or cold and it is a perfect accompaniment with our very own Parle-G, Khari biscuits or crackers.

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Mango being the king of fruits, is a much awaited flavor since its seasonal. Mango infused Mocktails like smoothies, slushes or punch are refreshing to beat the heat. Other seasonal fruits which are great options are  Sitafal (Custard Apple), Strawberries and Lychees.

Indulge in your favorite summer treat by having a chuski of different flavors which tingle your taste buds-  like kala khatta, rose, khus khus etc. You could have a Gola stall as a stall in your wedding spread.

Nimbu-pani-main     )watermelonbreeze

Some of the Indian beverages are great as welcome drinks. Nimbu paani is an all time favorite among Indians. It quenches your thirst and is best served to all the dancing baaratis.  Other substitutes include Coconut water, Jaljeera, Watermelon Juice.

On the other hand, Badam milk, Kesar milk, Masala milk are good alternatives to warm you up in the winter chills.