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Balle Balle all the way! Why Punjab is a great Wedding Shopping Destination

The balle-balle land has quite a lot to offer with regards to shopping. Punjab is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of handlooms and handicrafts. Everything available here carries a stamp of its rich culture.

Almost all tourist places in Punjab, from Amritsar to Ludhiana and Chandigarh, provide shopping opportunities and have a lot to offer in terms of traditional and rich crafted ware.

The kind of stuff you get here is colourful, authentic and traditional.


Footwear with beautiful embroidery and impressive patterns using a wide range of fancy materials, like beads, pearls, coloured threads, small mirrors and seashells, are a must-buy in Punjab.

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A form of craft in which artistic embroidery embellishes a shawl, saree, dupatta or the entire dress, generally used for special occasions like weddings and other festivities. A special kind of thread is used for phulkari, which is called ‘pat.’ The designs used are varied.




Parandis are attractive hair ornaments, worn at the end of a braid. These parandis are woven out of attractive silk threads, clustered together artistically, in a  variety of designs and patterns.


Mentioned above are just a few things traditional to Punjab and can be used for wedding trousseau, placed on the shagun thali or just give a piece of handcrafted stuff from Punjab as Wedding Favours!

So next time you are there, be sure to check these out! 🙂


Jaipur is the ideal wedding shopping destination, we tell you why!

The exotic land of forts, palaces and unparalleled heritage – Jaipur is the city you should be heading to for your wedding shopping.

The list of things available is endless – with its jewelry, textiles and sarees, Jaipur indeed is a shopper’s paradise. The colorful bazaars in the city are a treat for people who love to explore and discover.

Some of the popular places to shop here and the things that are available here are:

Johri Bazaar 

As the name suggests, it is the hub of the finest jewelry and silverwork.  The street is lined with a number of outlets which craft and sell exquisite pieces of jewelry, be it tribal, ornamental or the traditional Kundan work. Other things you can buy here are tie and dye fabrics and bandhani work, including sarees and lehengas.

jaipur gem bazar



Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar

Known for textiles, local perfumes, and your favorite Jutties/Mojris. The famous Saraogi Mansion market with many Indian bridal stores is also located here.  You might just end up picking out your main bridal trousseau here, while the place spoils you with choices.

Image Courtesy: Style Inked

Image Courtesy: Style Inked

The cutting, polishing, and selling of precious and semi-precious stones is centered around the area of Pahar Ganj in the Surajpol Bazaar area.

Badi Chaupar

Located next to the Hawa Mahal, it is probably the most crowded area in Jaipur. Here you can find attractive handicrafts, antique gift items and fabrics with block print which are a delight to the eyes. Bargaining skills are a must if you are shopping here.


Mirza Ismail Road 

The popular M.I. Road houses a large number of Emporia with goods ranging from jewelry, brass work, textiles, antiques, handicrafts, and fabrics with vegetable dye prints. Small shops with bangles, souvenirs, curios and Jaipuri dresses ensure that your Jaipur shopping experience is complete.


The small by-lanes around these bigger areas also provide a lot of shopping opportunities, Just walk about and explore! You won’t leave disappointed! 🙂


5 Things you wont believe your wedding planner becomes!

“Chotu! Woh phool cross mein lagao, seedhe nai!”, an image of a sleep deprived person comes to mind, no make up, no jewelry, no heels, that is just your wedding planner being the one person you cant afford to be however with the same glee and excitement to see the big day taking shape.

A wedding planner is a fluid concept of a person who takes the form of anything you need them to be to make you feel like the princess you deserve! We do not only create your wedding sets and send out invitations, there is more to it than that!

Today we list down 5 things you wont believe we see ourselves as!

Your wedding Planner becomes your best friend.

“Salmon or Halibut, it dosen’t matter to me!” – Phoebe Buffay

“Well, it matters to me!” – Monica Geller, the wedding planner.

A wedding planner does just that, everything on your big day has to be perfect. Your wedding planner is the best friend you have and there is a high possibility that by the end of it, your wedding planner will realize what you need before you realize you need it.

Your wedding planner becomes your stylist.

Wedding planners come in with a host of experience planning soirees for the ocean of cultural diversity that is a part of India. We have a knack to put together parts of that experience to create a unique and personal style for you which we understand by being your best friend 🙂

Your wedding planner becomes your financial planner

Your money is important to you and us, we want to make sure every penny spent gives you double the happiness and joy, hence it is our responsibility to make sure you spend on the right things and get super cost-effective and luxury bargains through our network and contacts!

Your wedding planner becomes your shoulder to lean on.

All weddings are stressful, and more often than not, everyone in the family is stressed as well. Your wedding planner is your shoulder to lean on when times get too stressful, we are there to comfort you, to calm you down and make sure you are at your comfortable peak through the entire process.

Your wedding planner shares your vision.

“I don’t want to be a bride-zilla, but so far my attempts at getting people to respect my wishes aren’t working”

Your wedding planner works to become your genie, because we know it is YOUR day. Only difference with us is , there is no limit to the amount of wishes you have. We see your wedding the way you see it and work to move mountains and get that done.

At the end of it all we can say is…

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Bridal Vanity Kit Checklist

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We all love shopping but shopping specially for cosmetics and other make-up essentials is the most delightful experience for a bride. You are the best judge of your skin type, so make sure you yourself shop for your bridal vanity kit essentials. You are the star of this auspicious occasion, so don’t let your incomplete kit spoil your big day. Go through this savior checklist we have for you and you won’t miss anything at all.




  • Primer: For that beautifully clear and radiant skin, go for a good quality primer which is rich in vitamins so that even after wearing layers of make-up, your skin can breathe properly.
  • Foundation: Look for a foundation that matches your skin color. Too much lighter shade can make you look disastrous on stage and in pictures.
  • Concealer: Mostly people don’t need a concealer after applying primer and foundation but you should always keep it in your kit to get away with those dark blemishes.
  • Face Powder: If the wedding is in summers then face powder is a must to save you from melting make-up. It will fix your make-up and help you get a shine free matte finish.
  • Blush: As per your skin tone, pick up pinkish or peachy shade of blush to add definition to your cheekbones. Go for matte blush if your skin is oily and shimmery for normal to dry skin type.
  • Moisturizer: To keep your skin hydrated.
  • Sunscreen: To save yourself from tanning.
  • Face Wipes: For staying fresh all the time.
  • Sindoor and Bindi: Since now you will be a newlywed, this is something you need to carry all the time.
  • Rose Water: For moisture and freshness.



  • Eye-shadow: Its better you keep a palette of eyeshadow that has many colors from light to darker ones, so that you don’t have to panic even if the one you thought will go well with your dress actually did not create the same magic.
  • Kajal Pencil: Black is the evergreen color for eye make-up as it goes well with every eye color, but you can always have blue or green color for a chic look.
  • Eyeliner: Liner can be liquid based, gel based or like a sketch pen, go for the one which you are comfortable using.
  • Eyelash Curler: If you are not very comfortable using false eyelashes then you must keep an eyelash curler to perfectly spread them out and to make your eyes look bigger.
  • Mascara: Go for a good quality waterproof mascara to make your lashes look darker and thicker.



  • Lipstick: A right shade of lipstick can transform your look completely. Shades like cherry red, magenta and coral are must haves in your kit.
  • Lip Balm: For prepping up the lips.



  • Shampoo: Keep a mild shampoo to save yourself from bad hair day.
  • Conditioner: For adding moisture and lusture to hair.
  • Hair Brush & Rollers: To style your hair and add volume to it.
  • Bobby pins: To secure the frizzy flicks.
  • U-pins: For the perfect neat bun.
  • Clutcher: For a normal hairdo.


Nail :


  • Nail Paint: You must keep at least two three nice colors like maroon, magenta or the one that matches the color of your dress.
  • Nail Paint Remover: To make it easy for you to change the nail color according to dress.


Miscellaneous :


  • Small Mirror: Everything you keep in your vanity is of no use if you forget to keep this thing.
  • Hand Sanitizer: To clean your hands before using any product on face.
  • Perfume/ Deo: Because smelling fresh is as important as feeling fresh.
  • Make-Up Brushes: Keep a set of make-up brushes for face and lips both.
  • Kajal Sharpner: For perfectly defined eyes.
  • Safety Pins: Keep a bunch of it.
  • Make-Up Remover/Cleanser: It’s a must have.
  • Cotton Balls: It’s a strict no no to leave home without them.
  • Sanitary Napkins: You don’t always remember the date so it’s better to keep them all the time.

This list will surely save you from all the last minute hassles while getting ready and assure you of looking stunning as a bride.

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Wedding Shopping Destination: Hyderabad

Wedding Shopping Destination: Hyderabad

Whether it’s the thousands of crowded lanes scattered around the iconic Char Minar or the innumerable shopping malls, the city of Nawabs provides the ultimate wedding shopping experience for all brides to be!

Read on, as we cover some of the popular places you must head to, for all your wedding needs.

The first and most obvious suggestion is Char Minar, old Hyderabad, where you can almost lose yourself in all the jewelry stores selling exquisite pearls – real and cultured. This area is also known for its glittering delights – lacquered bangles, jhumkas and colorful footwear. Ittar, the natural perfume, is sold like hot cakes here – from jasmine to rose, lilies to woody notes, pick up a bottle of ittar that you think suits you and wear it on the big day.



Laad Bazaar should be your next stop – for all the bangles you ever desired to flaunt. Once you’re done with these, it’s only natural to give in to the temptation of picking up the necklaces and earrings that go with these bangles – pearl encrusted or studded with other precious stones.  You can also buy dupattas with zardosi work from Laad Bazaar.


A major commercial hub of the city, Abids is an area you should not miss. From jewelry to traditional clothes, you can find everything in one place.


General Bazaar caters to all your trousseau requirements – it is the second largest wholesale saree market in the state!


Our tip: Prepare yourself with a proper shopping list when you head to Hyderabad, or you might just end up spending more than you actually wanted to, because the bazaars of this city make you want to pick up every item you see!

Wedding Shopping Destination: Kanchipuram

Wedding Shopping Destination: Kanchipuram

Known for its traditionally woven silk sarees with heavy gold zari work, Kanchipuram is the perfect destination for all your wedding shopping needs. With its wide contrasting borders and motifs, the Kanjeevaram saree has made its way into every woman’s closet.

Kanchipuram has a history of weaving dating back to about 400 years with silk weavers settling in this temple town. Even today there are more than 500 families engaged in the exquisite art of weaving silk. Shopping here for silk saris and fabrics can be done at handloom co-operatives who run their retail outlets.

vines-sari-21The 3 most popular areas to choose the finest and most beautiful silk sarees are Gandhi Road, T.N Nambi Street and Nadu Street. These places are lined with innumerable shops that sell all varieties of silk sarees. It’s only normal to momentarily lose your mind over the colors and textures offered by these stores. The sarees in these shops range from 3,000 to 90,000 rupees – depending on the kind of work gone into their making.

topimg_20531_kanchivaram_600x400Other than the wedding trousseau, Kanchipuram is the ultimate choice for exquisite gold wedding jewellery. Traditional temple jewellery is found in abundance at well known brands like Tanishq and Alukkas, and also at a number of local outlets on Raja street and Kamarajar road.

20121008-110851-pmIf you’re done with all your shopping activities and have some time to kill, you can visit the temples in and around the city – Kanchipuram is known as the city of a thousand temples. Shopping in Kanchi is definitely an experience you must check off your list.

Wedding Shopping Destination: Ahmedabad

Wedding Shopping Destination: Ahmedabad

Ever thought of picking up your wedding essentials at Ahmedabad? Known for its textile industry, this city attracts buyers from all over the world, for its colorful fabrics. Read on to know about some places you must not miss, while you’re here.

A wide range of sarees, traditional fabrics and the ever so popular bandhini and bandhej contribute to the abundance of options when it comes to wedding shopping. The reason behind the popularity of these fabrics is that the age old practices of hand weaving are still carried on here.


C.G Road – A must visit place for beautiful handwoven silk patola sarees, Chimanlal Girdharlal road is ranked as one of the most expensive retail locations in the city. A long line of bridal wear stores makes this area the busiest shopping area. Silver and gold jewelry shops also attract shoppers here.


Teen Darwaza Market – This bustling market place is a good choice if you want to pick up antique jewelry; which is absolutely traditional with a sharp contrast to modern styles. You can also indulge in hand loomed and embroidered fabrics which are a big hit with shoppers.


Dhal Garwad  – Located in the heart of the city, this is an open market, crammed with people buying ethnic Indian wear – colorful sarees and dupattas . Along with its wide range of availability, Dhal Garwad is also noted for its reasonable rates and quality goods.


Law Garden Market – Bandhni saris embellished in golden silk threads and zari work is something one cannot avoid at Law Garden. This market is also known for its white metal ornaments.



Ahmedabad offers a blend of old-world charm with contemporary style. We definitely give this place a plus 1 for the variety it offers.