The Top 3 Wedding Colors

The Top 3 Trending Wedding Colors

The latest trend in wedding decor is to pick just one color and use varying shades to create an interesting sea of colors, while maintaining a clean and crisp look to the overall theme.

Check out the 3 hot wedding colors trending this wedding season:

With tangerine being such a bold color, pairing it with hot pink tones can find a happy balance between the two colors.

As a wedding color, emerald is trending and how! Sub tones like mint can also be used, combining it with a touch of blush pink or gold.

Lilac and Margarita – This combination with purplish undertones and a subset of green make for a harmonious and casual color scheme.

Include these shades in your wedding’s theme in whichever way possible – you can always experiment according to your taste in the color palette.

Neon Weddings

Neon Weddings

From colored pants to bright shoes and bold accessories, neon is the rage everywhere, and everybody is rocking this fun and creative trend. So why not have a neon wedding with pops of color in the decor, food and the theme?

We have gathered some of our favorite ideas from the net for this fun post.










Theme Weddings

Finding a theme for your wedding can be as hard as choosing the perfect wedding dress.  Themed weddings are the most sought after services a wedding planner can offer. We’ve listed some of the popular wedding themes doing the rounds these days!

If you desire an endless night filled with fun and tradition, then an Arabian Wedding Theme may just be the answer for you! This theme usually includes decor elements like marquee tents, props like brass camels and Moroccan lamps.



The Royal Indian Theme is the most preferred in locations like Rajasthan, Udaipur and Jodhpur. Being a very opulent theme,it  can include very elegant elements into the ceremonies.


The Masquerade Theme is very vibrant and fun, with everybody’s favorite prop – the mask.


Indians are ever so enthusiastic about cinema – and a Bollywood Theme is a sure shot way of engaging the guests, with costumes and decor. The theme can be extended to wedding communication too!

Bollywood 5

179721841349299139_OPEBM23p_fVictorian Wedding Theme ideas are about class and grace, and call for romantic gestures of a dainty nature –fine floral china, lots of lace, and sweet-smelling rosebuds.