True Love Has No Name

I would not like to disclose our identities, and we are no longer together today, but I would still like to share our story. We are both big fans of Bollywood so I choose to write this story in a complete filmy way, in a flashback. We practically spent our teenage with each other and for each other. On 5th August, 2009 I met him in the corridor of my college. He was a dancer who represented our college for cultural festivals. His high self-ego and flirting ways turned me off the minute I met him – never had I in my wildest dreams thought I would fall for someone who was a mirror image of my nature and personality. When we performed together, we became close. The 5 second conversations turned to 2 hour long chats and before I knew it, I had fallen in love with him. He meant the world to me. He liked me as well but never expressed anything in return because he somewhere knew it would not work.

Our story took a complete Bollywood twist from this point (mind you, we both are completely filmy). After a few months of making me wait he finally expressed his love for me. Our main concern was his family, who opposed our pair, as we both belonged to different religions. We decided to stay away for his family’s sake, but in vain.  He surprised me on 15th Sept, 2011 by taking me to a beautiful terrace top, and asking me to be with him for a lifetime. It was dramatic when his question was followed by rain. However, a few years down the line we decided to go separate ways because our future seemed bleak.

We do not have a typical happy ending, we could not end our relationship on good terms. But even as I say this, I wonder – was that really the end? Logically our story ends here, but even now, whenever I visit a Dargah or a temple, I wish and pray that tomorrow when I get married and have kids, it is him who I can call my husband and my children can call their father.

This man never failed to cheer me up and always reminded me that my smile is the world’s best smile.