Megha and Gautam

Sometimes, you’ve got to stop trying too hard. Because sometimes, the answer lies right behind the door, but we’re too busy searching the world.

This is supposed to be the story of how I met my husband. Well, I don’t know when I met him for the first time, must have been a few days after I was born. He also attended my parents wedding. No, I’m not kidding! Gautam’s family and my family have known each other for generations. We kind of grew up together. But we didn’t really have a childhood romance. We had our separate lives, which interconnected through our families. After growing up, we met off and on at family dinners and weddings. I always liked him, but never thought anything more. At about 23, I had no clue about who I wanted to marry. But my father knew. They say fathers understand and know their daughters the best. True. The families spoke, and Gautam and I agreed to go out on a date. Not very long after, we were hooked!

It’s been 2 years since our beautiful wedding. I always tell him that I wish I could have changed certain aspects of our wedding. But what matters is, there is absolutely nothing that I wish to change about our marriage.

Not much drama in our story. The answers to both our lives were right behind our doors. We just took the time to stop, breathe, and look in the right place, at the right time. Thank God for that.