Karmen and Tomoi

The plan was to go to the UK to study, finish my three years there, come back home to the friends and family that I loved and missed and drink long island ice teas through the night and live the glitzy Bombay life.
But I met Tomoi, my first year in Uni, we were both on the same course and he threw a huge house party where we properly had a chat for the first time and he uttered the worst pick up line of all time. “You speak pretty good English.” WRONG! but I think I was tipsy enough to let it slide and all of a sudden, we had spent all night talking. Summer after, when the 2006 Bombay train blasts happened, he found my email from a common friend and emailed to ask if I was OK, and that’s when it started – chatting online all night, sending emails every other day. I went back to Uni in September (I was actually dating someone at the time).
In October, I had broken up with my boyfriend and I was dating Tomoi. That was 6 and half years ago. Now we’re married. Have been for 2 years and we’ve had 3 beautiful wedding ceremonies each one special in it’s own way. Our UK wedding surrounded by our friends and family here, a white dress and our first dance, our Indian wedding, full of good food, fabulous friends and family from all over the world and our small intimate Japanese blessing ceremony with family I had never met before but somehow felt a kinship with.
We’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve fought and made up, like every couple does. We’re in it for the long haul, but when you’re best friends and you’re excited to come home to see your other half even after being together for 6 years, you know you’ve made the right life choices.
We’re happy and what more could anyone ask for?