The Bachelorette Bash

Be it your ‘Best Friend Forever,’ your sister or your colleague – planning a Bachelorette Party or a ‘Hen Night’ as it’s called, can be quite a task.

The bachelorette party is consciously modeled after the centuries-old bachelor’s party – historically a dinner given by the bridegroom to his friends shortly before his wedding.  But who said only boys can have all the fun? The modern brides-to-be don’t seem to mind so much, when their friends throw a bash in their honor, making it a memorable night for everyone.

Read on, for some fun tips for a typical girls’ night out, which includes gossip, pampering, good food and great beverages too!

Any of the bride’s close friends (girls) can be on the guest list, and a host can either take over or split the responsibility of organizing this hen night. Pick a night a week or fortnight prior to her Wedding Day and announce it to all her friends. The bride can be kept in the loop of what is happening, but the fun lies in surprising her with something she may never expect (ensure that she does not get shocked though).

To start, buy a scrapbook with removable pages, and mail a page to all of the bride’s girl pals. Ask each of them to fill it with pictures, scribble some funny quotes she likes, or just write down how happy you are for her. You can get as creative as possible, by including some doodles of memories you shared with her. Do not worry too much about your artistic skills; anything that is made out of so much effort personally, will surely make her feel special. Wrap it up and give it to her on the party night.


Dress the part! Come up with an easy, unique group outfit idea that reflects the bride’s personality and ties you all together. Or you could all dress up in one color and ask her to wear a different, bold shade.



All the girl friends of the bride can pitch in and take her to a wine tasting or spa pampering session. This is something that will guarantee a bonding session between all the girls!

If going out is too cliched, host the party at one of your places, and hire a professional chef to prepare a fabulous dinner for the group at home, while you enjoy some of your favorite chick flicks.

There are a lot of fun options for indoor entertainment – you can play drinking games by quizzing her with questions about the groom; or twist the usual charades or card game by adding some wacky rules only to be followed that night. If you really know her well, this will be quite an easy task.

Almost every girl loves the camera! Get some hilarious photo booths and click away to glory. Watch the drama unfold, when you get the prints of these pictures.


Since themed parties are trending, have themes like the disco or a prom night. Figure out whatever works  best and is easy to plan and organize.

Rent out a karaoke machine and croon the night away with your all time favorite tunes.


Hand out party favors like caricature wine glasses – raise all your toasts to her. Go ahead and raise one for yourselves too, for being such incredible hosts and friends to the bride.


These are only a few ways to host a fun night for the bride; you can get as innovative as possible – you could go all the way and include a bit of strip tease too! As long as it ensures that all you girls have a great time together, rest assured, this party will definitely have a lot of great moments you’ll remember for long.