Here a woof, there a meow!

Here a woof

There a meow

But there’s need to panic now

Yes! There is absolutely no need to panic when you hear these sounds at weddings. American actress Donna Douglas once said, ‘I really love pets. They’re like children’ and with more and more people adopting this mentality in our fast paced world, there is no reason why you should be surprised at seeing pets attend the events you do.

For real pet lovers, having their pets at their wedding might be no big deal but it is the idea of having several guests bring their pets to a wedding that calls for attention. Being invited with your pet to a wedding might be an exciting affair but many of us might have not experienced this scenario before. In order to make the day exciting yet controllable we suggest you keep these points in mind.

Clothe them comfortably

As much as we like to doll up ourselves on occasions, we must keep the theory to a minimum with our pets. Focus on a single accessory or clothing item to dress up your pet. There is nothing more troublesome to the eyes than seeing a pet covered in every possible item available at a pet boutique. Wedding guests must remember the key to keeping their pets calm is leaving them as close to their natural character as possible which means clothe them as comfortable so they do not spend the evening trying to knock off accessories of themselves.



Practice a pre-run

Like we experience an influx of several guests at one go during weddings, similarly pet owners should remember that their entry to the venue will be timed with several other pets. In addition to that, there will be different kinds of pets at the venue therefore it is extremely important for your pet to have exposure to a similar scenario prior to the wedding. Practice a pre-run where you take your pet in an environment that exposes them to other pets and ensure they are able to deal with it. The host couple definitely want to avoid the chaos of frisky pets chasing other pets around.

Take a treat

In the hustle and bustle of the celebration, situations might arise where your pet begins to get restless. Take a treat for them so you know you have a method of keeping them calm till you sort the scenario. Pick a treat that best grabs your pet’s attention in order to be able to get the desired result.

Stay sensitive

Lastly, like us humans, pets too are sensitive to certain environments. After a while, the event might be too stressful on them therefore we strongly recommend you stay sensitive to their body language. If you see your pet getting restless and frisky, we suggest you leave the venue.



Once you have gone the extra step to keep your pet comfortable, we ensure you the celebrations will be equally fun for the both of you. After all, who wouldn’t like to bring an eventful day to an end with wagging tails and purrs of contentment?