Go Green!

While many might say ‘opposites attract’, we believe it is the love for common things that brings people together.

With people becoming more and more aware each day, it won’t be long before we have weddings that are more environment friendly, use lesser resources and yet radiate the same charm like every other wedding. If you and your partner share a common love for nature and all things natural then why not consider an eco-friendly wedding? To begin with, the idea might seem vague in an era where there are people lavishly outdoing each other at organizing weddings but then a rethink and you will realize an eco-friendly wedding stands out because of the traditional spark it provides. What does that mean? We will tell you more!

Like every other wedding, an eco-friendly wedding one requires great thought but lesser work. To begin with, scan the city for shops or factories that produce eco-friendly material. Once you get an idea of what is available to you and what needs to be sourced from elsewhere, you are better prepared to go ahead with the planning and styling of the wedding.


The biggest giveaway for guests on what to expect at your wedding are the invites. While this theme would focus on e-invites, for those still adamant on following the age old traditional method of inviting, you could opt for wedding cards made from recycled paper. You could actually go a step ahead and make the invites usable to guests by printing cards in the form of a paper file or a bookmark. This way your wedding invite is printed on one side and the card does have a use other than being disposed once the wedding is over. Don’t forget, this beautiful, nature-friendly card of yours is given to guests in a jute or paper bag else it defeats the purpose.


Bring out the beauty of nature at your wedding. Aim at selecting a venue that allows natural light and preferably opting for a wedding during nicer months of the year as this would restrict the use of air conditioning and allow guests to dwell in the natural breeze. An option would also be a nice outdoor venue to soak in the natural surroundings as much as possible. The courtyards of old forts, beach side weddings and lawns of societies, perhaps your own farmhouse, family home far away from the urban cities are some options you could consider.


Like we pointed out earlier, eco-friendly weddings radiate a traditional charm and you will notice that once you work on the decor. Materials that would suit this theme would be natural flowers like marigolds, earthen clay diyas and matkis. While these can beautifully adorn the entrance to the venue or highlight areas like the buffet counters, the stage or mandap can also be very much inline with the theme. Mud bricks and banana leaves can be used to set up the mandap and rose petals could be strewn around creating a pathway for you and your partner’s entry. Shut your eyes and visualize the gorgeousness of these Earthen elements along with the vastness of nature in the backdrop and you won’t have a second thought about your decision even once.


We all know that Indian weddings mean laughter, singing, dancing… in short quite a bit of noise and yours doesn’t have to be any different just because you are choosing to keep it eco-friendly. Skip the DJ, decks and sound system for traditional instruments like the dholak, harmonium and folk singers or a band.

Do remember that aiming for an eco-friendly wedding does not mean you eliminate every sign of modernization but instead you aim at limiting it and instead opt for the basics as much as you can. Express your love for each other and for the same things in this unusual and practical way.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle should be the motto this wedding season.