Amazing Andaman

“Diversity is the magic. It is the first manifestation, the first beginning of the differentiation of a thing and of simple identity. The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection.” – Thomas Berry

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India truly is the land of diversity. Its mix of cultures, traditions, religions, and cuisines is varied, yet true to Indian ethnicity. In the midst of this melting pot, at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, lies a little replica of India: the Amazing Andaman. It is a cluster of 572 islands that form one of the most beautiful natural reserves of India.

Since Andaman is synonymous with nature and beauty, it’s hardly possible that a wedding on one of these beautiful islands would be lacking. The pristine beaches, captivating waters, untamed flora and fauna and assorted cuisine are the essence of this wonderland. Of the 572 islands (unfortunately only 9 of which are open to tourists), each diverse and unique in it’s own way, Jolly Buoy Island, Red Skin Island, Havelock Island, Cinque Island, Barren Island, Chatham Island, Ross Island, and Viper Island are some known hotspots.


Wreak havoc on Havelock!

Havelock Island is the largest island of a chain of islands called Ritchie’s Archipelago. It truly is “exotic” in every sense of the word. There is just so much to discover here in it’s abundant natural flora and deep blue waters. Although popular with most honeymooning lovebirds, this is an absolutely perfect spot for wedding festivities too.


Our pick:

The Munjoh Ocean Resort is the ideal destination for a sensational beach wedding. The hotel provides all the necessary services and amenities needed to make your wedding day a smooth, happy occasion, right from the necessary licenses and permissions to a gorgeous wedding cake.

Hermosa Beach

For all the daring, offbeat ones out there, Munjoh has the facilities to execute an underwater wedding too (how cool is that)! The hotel equips you with everything you’ll need for your wedding among the ocean life, including Scuba lessons by certified professionals. It’s an intimate affair as you take your wedding vows in the deep end of the ocean as your wedding guests view the ceremony live on video. Most couples who’ve experienced an underwater wedding opine that it’s an unforgettable experience, so if you’ve dreamed of doing something out of the blue (pun intended) for your wedding, this is it!

Things to do:

Havelock Island has many breathtaking beaches and a whole host of fun activities for your guests to enjoy along with your wedding celebrations. The Radha Nagar beach has even been honoured with the title of “Best Beach in Asia”. Swim alongside nature’s most loved beings in the Andaman Sea as you go Scuba diving or on a snorkelling excursion. You can also indulge in water sports such as jet skiing, kayaking and speed boating in the glistening waters. However, if you’re not a water lover but would still like to experience sub-aquatic life, hire a glass-bottomed boat to explore the magnificent ocean.

Apart from the ocean life, however, there’s a whole wealth of beauty above the surface that you’ll love to delight in. Go for nature walks and elephant rides along the beach; better yet, visit “Rajan”, Andaman’s very own, and the world’s only, swimming bull elephant (who is absolutely adorable).

The beauty, the fun, the amazement just doesn’t end in Andaman! The island—besides it’s rich marine life, magnificent reefs, exotic birds, and endless forests—boasts 96 sanctuaries and 9 national parks. So for all the animal lovers, the sanctuaries have at least 50 different species of animals to explore! Also, the national parks are principally covered in beds of beautiful tropical flowers.

A wedding on the Andaman Islands will be a truly incredible experience for the entire wedding party. And once you’re done exploring Havelock, we surely recommend Port Blair as your next stop. So put on your wedding suit and exploration boots and go on this unexplainable journey that is Andaman. Here, among these 572 pieces of land, you will discover the true meaning of “unity in diversity”.