The Big Debate – Destination Wedding or Local Wedding

Choice (noun) – An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

And this is probably something you will experience when planning your wedding. Making a choice between having a local wedding or a Destination Wedding. This is perhaps one of the most important decisions as it sets the framework for how you need to go ahead with your wedding planning. Choosing between either has its pros and cons and there are a couple of ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions you can ask yourself to assist you with making the right choice.

Your guest list

Your wedding could be an ‘either – or’ affair. Either your family has been waiting for this day in which case they would probably want any and everyone they know to be there to shower their blessing and be a part of the celebrations. Or your family and friends are so used to the idea of you both being a couple that getting married is a just a legality and therefore the wedding will be a small affair with family and a few close friends. If you can tell which scenario best describes you, then you definitely know with the first a Local Wedding would be more appropriate and with the second a Destination Wedding.


Budgeting plays a large part in determining how extravagant your wedding will be. A Destination Wedding would perhaps call for a lot more splurging than a Local Wedding considering most guests now days expect hospitality in the form of lodging charges covered or  an all meal inclusive package on their stay. On the other hand, a Local Wedding would mean majority of your guests managing their own stay and the only aspects you deal with are the wedding functions itself. But do remember the flip side to this means having a lot more invitees turn up as the wedding is taking place in the city.

Access to vendors

Perhaps the most important part of any wedding is the availability and coordination of vendors. Having access to a professional wedding planner who manages this for you helps ease the stress. In some cases the resorts have a list of local vendors which might be handy. Being able to work with a vendor at a Destination Wedding on your own might be a bit of a gamble considering your lack of knowledge on the place or the quality of work produced but in the case of a Local wedding planner, you have references and a body of work to go by.

Style your Wedding 

It is a big day and more importantly it is your day. Your theme might reflect your love story or it might reflect the wedding you’ve always dreamt of. Having said that it is important to understand whether you are looking at a set up that is traditional or contemporary. While a Destination Wedding will be apt for a stylish modern day set up, considering most hotels are up-to-date with modern themes, a local wedding would be a preferable choice if you are looking at something more traditional. Do remember arranging for artists – be it an Entertainer, Hairdresser, Makeup artist etc – is something that plays a key role in determining your look and the feel of the wedding.

Time Frame

Time as always remains a crucial factor. If the date for your wedding has been fixed much before time, a Destination Wedding works well as it gives you ample time to make a few trips to finalize the arrangements. But if time remains an issue, then a Local Wedding seems more apt as it allows you to work within the confines of your current schedule without having to account for travel time to another city.

Couples must remember that a choice of either one does not mean settling in for something because the other seems unachievable but because it seems like the most appropriate way forward after answering the questions above.

The Wedding Co. specializes in planning Destination Weddings in India and abroad. We understand that beauty lies in detail and therefore we make sure that no detail of wedding planning is overlooked.


Destination Dubai

Glitz, glamour and good times are definitely some things you and your guests are assured of in the gorgeous city of Dubai.

A destination wedding in the Middle East would definitely make Dubai, the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, a safe bet. Strategically located, this fast paced and ambitious city is the ideal wedding destination for those couples expecting guests from the East or West. It’s blend of modern lifestyle and strong ties to tradition enable you to enjoy a wedding that has the best of both worlds… literally!

As a wedding destination, Dubai offers you several venues that allow you to have a wedding spanning different themes and experiences. Some of the available options couples could choose from are:

A wedding on man-made islands

If you have always dreamt of a beach-side wedding on an exotic island but could not manage it, don’t fret! The Palm Dubai, a cluster of artificial islands, is sure to be just as transporting. Shaped like a palm tree, this work of wonder boasts some beautiful hotels and resorts to give you the perfect beach-side wedding. Pick your favorite from the busy and touristy Atlantis, The Palm resort or the sophisticated and picturesque One&Only, The Palm or Zabeel Saray.



A desert wedding

If you have always believed the combination of sand dunes and the night sky have a certain aura to it that remains unmatched, you could experience it on your special day too. Desert resorts like Bab Al Shams set amidst the soft sands, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city will give your wedding the Arabian fairy tale feel that you have longed for.




A wedding in the world’s only 7* hotel

If you have always thought that there can be no other day more special than your wedding day and it calls for some serious celebration, you are probably right. Make this big day, bigger with a grand wedding at the iconic Burj Al Arab. The epitome of luxury and indulgence, this hotel is sure to make your wedding the most talked about wedding in times to come.


Though a pick of any of these wedding venues is enough to complete your guests’ travel experience to Dubai, additional things one can do in Dubai are:

Desert safari

A mix of adventure and culture is what best describes a desert safari. Your guests can witness the beauty and vastness of the desert with a drive that includes dune bashing. This is followed by an Arabic barbeque dinner at a desert camp along with a range of activities and entertainment including camel riding, henna, belly dancing and more.


A trip to the Gold Souk

You’ve invited your guests to be a part of your wedding in the ‘City of Gold’ and without a trip to the old Gold Souk, their visit would be a little incomplete. Arrange a bus and get your guests to walk down these streets dazzling with gold shops on either side. Let them witness the stunning designs of this previous metal on display in perhaps what could be the largest gold market in a city.


A visit to Burj Khalifa

And if there is a something you want to do that’s going to be a different experience for your guests, then arrange a trip to ‘At The Top’. This viewing deck situated on the 124th floor of the world’s tallest building will give your wedding guests a stunning view of the city and perhaps even a glimpse of the wedding venue from that height.

A feeling of home away from home, Dubai is definitely one of our top picks for destination weddings.

Home is Where the Heart is

They say ‘you don’t only marry the man, you marry the family’ and that statement holds true especially when it comes to a bride moving to her new home. The home may be one with in laws or without them but either way it brings a whole lot of responsibility when doing it up. You either have the responsibility of creating your little space within an existing one or creating a new space that’s reflective of the values you and your spouse share.

For those brides who are moving into a house that has already been set up, the key to success is understanding that you are not here to revolutionize the way the house has been done up. Instead, understand your role as the newest member to this family and try and add a new perspective or dimension to the interiors. Bring in a little spark of your own personality in areas that permit it.


Similarly for couples living by themselves, how much time you spend doing up your house is not as important as how much of it you’ve spent doing things together. Work on planning, choosing and setting up areas of the house together to eventually create a space that is reflective of you both.

For a couple in either scenario, here is a list of different ways you can use to work on decorating your pad.

Your bedroom can be a good place to begin with. As a couple, work on making the bedroom a little haven for your ‘together time’ by incorporating colors and fabrics that appeal to you both. Colors are known to have a long standing association with human emotions therefore choose the ones that exude romance, tranquility and togetherness.


Though it is extremely important to choose furniture that is comfortable and within your budget, it is also nice to play around with furniture. Add a love couch, bean bag or a curve seater to add a bit of playfulness to the room.

P1202322You can skip the traditional block painted walls for wall paper to suit the theme of your room. This also gives you the freedom to choose patterns that create an ambiance and turn the room to something spunkier.


Also accessorize the room with elements that create an ambiance such as candles, incense sticks or burners. Keep memories of moments spent together fresh at all times with picture frames and collages on walls or the bed side.


Lastly, add a personal touch to your bathroom with personalized laundry. Having initials embroidered on bathrobes, towels and bath slippers or having them color coded is a good way to create a ‘his & her’ feel to laundry thus making it more apt for couples.

The above are just guidelines that every couple can use but one must remember there is no right way or wrong way when it comes to creating a home. Get as creative as you want.

Pour Me Some…

The array of creative cocktails at weddings adds the  excitement to the festivities. With more and more Indian weddings becoming destination weddings and different themes & styles being adopted, alcoholic beverages have become an integral part of the menu. It is important for couples to note that incorrect management of alcohol at weddings can create two major problems –  it can be an expensive affair and an overflow of alcohol or the wrong mix of beverages can make guests sick.

Having said that we do not expect couples to control how much and what guests consume but perhaps choose alcohol appropriately for the occasion to minimize negative consequences. Before we guide you on the kind of beverages that can be made available to guests at weddings, it is best to check how to cater for those beverages.

  1. If you think you have a high number of guests who drink alcoholic or have a huge guest list to begin with, it is best to check the possibility of buying your own alcohol and paying a corkage charge at the venue. Some hotels will allow this and some won’t. The advantage of this is that alcohol can be purchased at a cheaper rate than being offered at the venue and you can ensure the selection includes everything you require. The drawback to this is ensuring bottles are opened as and when needed and a correct tab is being kept of consumption.
  2. Another option widely available these days is to pay a fixed charge which is inclusive of beverages. This works well if your beverage list features the standard selection of wines, beer and spirits.

Once you’ve chosen a method that works best for you or is available to you, you can make a selection of beverages. We recommend choosing beverages based on the kind of event it is. Here’s a roundup of some beverages that can be offered:

Wines/ Champagnes It is best to opt for this if you are having a sit down dinner style reception or wedding function. The style of consumption is slow and steady therefore sipping on it while enjoying an elaborate meal is the best option.



Spirits & Cocktails These are a good option for a regular reception or wedding function where guests are mingling with other guests. It is best suited to events that don’t have any dancing involved; with a pre-reception area or a bar facility before guests move to a buffet style dinner.

91d7d833202bd4e7c15389c08953aa1fShots & Shooters A complete favorite with the younger generation these days, this is a popular choice for a youngster’s party or sangeet. The dancing, music and excitement in the air create an ambiance where guests feel the need to consume something that is more hard-hitting.

Blushing-BrideThere is no hard and fast rule to choosing alcohol for weddings but do note it is important to budget it right and to ensure your source is providing you alcohol that is of good quality and has been stored correctly. Overlooking these aspects generally creates an unwanted scenario which you definitely want to avoid. Thus count it right, source it right and serve it right and we ensure you, your guests will turn your wedding in to one crazy party.

Are You Ready for the Festival of Lights?

The festive season is just around the corner. A few days to go and a whole load to prep up for, what are the main things you should be focusing on? Well, we give you a roundup of everything that is part of this beautiful festival of lights, Diwali.

Decorate the house

As we all know the world ‘Diwali’ is synonymous with lights, your house needs just that. After a good round of Diwali cleaning, decorate key areas of your house with festive lights. Available in various colors and themes, these lights are perfect for the alter in your home, the balcony, the garden and of course the doors. In addition to the lights, bring in the traditional forms of decoration with rangoli designs. Bring out the rangoli powder, rice or petals but get the design going.

Light the diyas

A celebration without the traditional festive oil lamps called diyas is a big no-no. While you can choose from a large variety of clay lamps readily available in the market these days, for those of you with young children, go ahead and get experimental. Make use of this festive time to bond with the kids as you all sit together and paint colorful diyas for the occasion. For those who live in apartments that are stringent with rules on flames, don’t fret. Bring out the electric candles and make sure the pathway to your door is well lit.


Prepare the sweets

Diwali without sweets is like a birthday without cake! Remember this is the time where we go visit family and friends and many of them visit us too. Make sure the sugar is in abundance. If you are a modern family struggling with this fast paced world, you can opt for chocolates to do the wonders but if you have the time, we suggest you keep the old charm alive. Buy traditional mithai for Diwali or give your cooking skills a shot. Simple and quick recipes can be found online to feed the sweet cravings this Diwali.


Adorn yourself

Toss the old, buy some new. Celebrate the festival with new clothes. Take the effort to iron your clothes, scrub yourself and feel your best. While you adorn yourself, make this Diwali special for someone else too. Old clothes that are in very good condition can be donated to someone less fortunate than you are. Ensure the clothes are washed, ironed and well wrapped before you donate them. This gives the recipient the thrill of opening a Diwali present.

Bring out the cards

We all know that Diwali without a cards session makes it quite incomplete. Bring out your playing deck and gather with family and friends for a fun game of cards. The laughter, chatter and banter is sure to liven up the atmosphere and give you a great opportunity to get together with near and dear ones and perhaps build new relationships with the old and forgotten ones.


Pray for peace and prosperity

Lastly, a Diwali without a pooja is thoroughly incomplete. Bid goodbye to the past times and welcome the better times as you surrender to the deities. Ensure every family member is a part of the prayers and together pray for peace and prosperity.


Hopefully, incorporating a little something from everything will make your Diwali complete and memorable. From The Wedding Co. team, here’s wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Diwali.

What’s in the box?

We all know gifts are objects given to express positive emotions towards someone and when you have an Indian wedding in the family expect it to include lots of gifts. While traditional Indian weddings involve gifts in the form of cash, gold and clothes being exchanged either between the families or being given by guests, modern day weddings are a tad bit different. These days wedding gifts cover a broad spectrum of objects that are not just gifted to the couple but also by the couple.

Wedding gifts for the couple

Personalized items – Bring in the personal touch to wedding gifts with accessories or household items that have the couple’s name engraved on it. If the couple is extremely close to you, you may opt for personalized jewelry or wallets. If you would like the gift to be more generic, there are several other options like champagne flutes, cutlery and silverware that can be personalized.


Household items – Nuclear families are on the rise these days and post their marriage, couples move into their new homes. Setting up from scratch can be an expensive task therefore many couples do appreciate the idea of receiving household items as wedding gifts. These could include a range of items like showpieces, lamps, artistic frames and dinner sets.



Gift registry – Very popular with modern day couples, registries are the easiest way of ensuring you will receive wedding gifts that you require. Couples make a wish list of items they require and this is made public. Family and friends then choose which item they would like to gift the couple and once they have purchased that item, it is deleted off the list. This ensures that two guests do not gift the couple the same item. These days’ registries are listed with department stores to facilitate the process.

Vouchers – Quite similar to registries, vouchers are very popular wedding gifts for young couples these days. They are similar because they leave the couples with the option of selecting what they personally like and are most likely to use. Vouchers can be store based or shopping mall based.

gilt pictweb

Wedding Favors for Guests

Sweets – These can be placed for guests at the dinner tables if the wedding set-up is a sit-down dinner style. If the set-up is a buffet style one, then the sweets can be placed at various cocktail tables or at the exit of the venue. Popular sweets as wedding favors for guests are lollipops wrapped with personalized wrappers of the couple’s initials and chocolate lollipops and bars imprinted with the couple’s picture or names.


Souvenirs – These can be a range of articles that are given to guests as memorabilia from the wedding. Available in stores that stock wedding supplies, these can be theme based or something generic. Popular favors are mini photo frames, card holders and candles.


The key to gifting right is to keep it simple and practical. Gifts do not need to be big or expensive to be appreciated. Use the ideas as a guideline and we ensure you it will be easy gifting!

Here a woof, there a meow!

Here a woof

There a meow

But there’s need to panic now

Yes! There is absolutely no need to panic when you hear these sounds at weddings. American actress Donna Douglas once said, ‘I really love pets. They’re like children’ and with more and more people adopting this mentality in our fast paced world, there is no reason why you should be surprised at seeing pets attend the events you do.

For real pet lovers, having their pets at their wedding might be no big deal but it is the idea of having several guests bring their pets to a wedding that calls for attention. Being invited with your pet to a wedding might be an exciting affair but many of us might have not experienced this scenario before. In order to make the day exciting yet controllable we suggest you keep these points in mind.

Clothe them comfortably

As much as we like to doll up ourselves on occasions, we must keep the theory to a minimum with our pets. Focus on a single accessory or clothing item to dress up your pet. There is nothing more troublesome to the eyes than seeing a pet covered in every possible item available at a pet boutique. Wedding guests must remember the key to keeping their pets calm is leaving them as close to their natural character as possible which means clothe them as comfortable so they do not spend the evening trying to knock off accessories of themselves.



Practice a pre-run

Like we experience an influx of several guests at one go during weddings, similarly pet owners should remember that their entry to the venue will be timed with several other pets. In addition to that, there will be different kinds of pets at the venue therefore it is extremely important for your pet to have exposure to a similar scenario prior to the wedding. Practice a pre-run where you take your pet in an environment that exposes them to other pets and ensure they are able to deal with it. The host couple definitely want to avoid the chaos of frisky pets chasing other pets around.

Take a treat

In the hustle and bustle of the celebration, situations might arise where your pet begins to get restless. Take a treat for them so you know you have a method of keeping them calm till you sort the scenario. Pick a treat that best grabs your pet’s attention in order to be able to get the desired result.

Stay sensitive

Lastly, like us humans, pets too are sensitive to certain environments. After a while, the event might be too stressful on them therefore we strongly recommend you stay sensitive to their body language. If you see your pet getting restless and frisky, we suggest you leave the venue.



Once you have gone the extra step to keep your pet comfortable, we ensure you the celebrations will be equally fun for the both of you. After all, who wouldn’t like to bring an eventful day to an end with wagging tails and purrs of contentment?


Being The Next Host

We agree weddings do spell celebration especially when they are Indian weddings. Known for extravagant weddings spanning several days, Indians are also known for after parties that continue for a few days after the main celebrations are over. These are smaller parties hosted by extended family or close friends as a token of gratitude towards the bride and groom or simply as their way of congratulating and celebrating with the couple. After parties can be a fun idea or a great gesture but hosts of after parties must realize that such events usually take place after days of celebration coupled with stress and exhaustion therefore appropriate planning is required to get it right.


Choose the right day

The biggest factor that contributes to the success of after parties is choosing the right day. Hosting an after party on the day right after the wedding ends up being quite exhausting for everyone therefore forcing people to attend the party in a rather unpleasant mood or with the feeling of wanting to get done with the party at the earliest. To avoid this situation, it is best to keep at least a day’s gap between the last wedding event and the first after party.

Shorten the guest list

How many times have you attended an after party that feels like the actual party itself? And we assure you that is not the best feeling. After parties are recognized as a continuation of the celebration but with near and dear ones therefore do not expect a successful after party with an extensive guest list. Keep it short and simple. Open the invitation to those that really matter and to those who will contribute to creating a great ambiance.


Keep it casual

Wedding parties are usually a combination of rituals, dancing, dining and drinking. Once guests have experienced that over several days, they do reach a point where they are looking for something that requires less energy and perhaps not much dressing. To give guests that feeling, keep the party casual. Allow it to be an opportunity for guests to relax and unwind whilst having a good time.

Throw in an unusual element

To have the best after party, we strongly recommend throwing in a little something that guests least expect. For example, a resort wedding in the Far East could involve an after party with masseurs giving guests a foot massage. Similarly a wedding in warmer cities could involve a beach side after party for guests to enjoy a dip by the pool or simply take in some stunning views.


Give it a detox angle

There’s no doubt that back to back parties are fun especially when you are with close family and friends but amidst the celebrations, people look forward to a normalcy in their routine. With people becoming increasingly conscious of their eating habits, there is a likelihood that your guests will either avoid a heavy meal or eat to their minimum capacity. If you want to avoid a scenario like that, cater to guests requirements with a refreshing and slightly detox menu. Alongside alcoholic beverages, include fresh fruit juices, sparkling water and a variety of dips and raw foods to enable guests to alternate binge drinking with healthy options.


These simple pointers allow you to plan simple yet successful after parties through which guests can have fun yet take it easy after the hectic wedding celebrations.

The Perfect Man

Gone are the days when brides got all attention on the wedding day. Today, a groom is as important. Couples are equally examined when it comes to their clothes, accessories and grooming. While most may think that men have very little to do when it comes to dressing, think again! There are little things that every man may over look assuming it is not a big deal but we bet you, it is!

The Knot

The necktie has always been an integral part of every man’s formal dress code. Thus keeping its importance in mind, every groom must realize the attention required towards getting the look right. Getting the length of the tie right is a job half done! Men should ensure the end of the tie reaches their waistband or the buckle of the belt. The next thing they need to work on is the knot of the tie. There are various ways one can knot a tie but we strongly recommend the suggestion and help of your suit designer to pick one that suits you best. Secondly, the art of knotting a tie is not one that comes easy, therefore take time to practice it several times or get a professional to help you loosely knot it. This way all that is left to do on the wedding day is to put it on and tighten the bits. For those who still can’t get it right, there is absolutely no need to hit the panic button. Zipper ties and clip on ones can solve the problem. But remember, nothing looks shabbier than a messy tie.



Foot Affair

We all know the importance of our feet, especially when it comes to standing long hours or constantly being on the move and your wedding day could be one such day. Besides the need to have extremely comfortable well-fitting shoes, it is important the groom takes time to ensure his shoes are well polished and socks are rightly matched. You never know at which point your socks are visible and the last thing you want is strange colored socks popping out or holes and tears.

Lengths & Widths

Suit trials can be an exhausting and frustrating task for most grooms but we assure you the psychological rewards of a well-fitted suit are far more than anything else. Go through repeated trials to ensure the suit fits right as this will determine your look and confidence level on your big day. Ensure the jacket length measures half the distance between your neck and feet, the sleeve length ends on the top of your wrist bone and your shirt sleeve ends at the base of your palm. Ill-fitting suits on the wedding day are a big no-no!



There are several different ways every man can accessorize himself on his big day and getting it right is extremely important. We generally recommend staying clear of jewelry like earrings and chains. Leave that to a casual occasion. Cuffs, pocket squares and bow ties are interesting ways to spark up a suit but make sure you get pieces that go well with the suit. Once again, we remind you that getting an accessory is not as important as making sure it is worn right. Therefore make sure cuff links are placed the right side up, bow ties fit well and pocket squares are folded neatly.

Paying attention to little details helps in creating a fantastic overall look. After all, you do want your bride and guests to feel you are ‘The Perfect Man’.

Read more about accessories for the groom –

Dress Dilemma

As women we all have experienced that stress of standing in front of a full length mirror wondering if we look our best in the given outfit. At times we have issues with the color, with the style, with the way it highlights parts we are actually trying to hide and so on. Depending on how much time we have, we generally give in to the mirror and accept the look and move on BUT when it is the wedding outfit in question, we dare not do that. Why would we want to settle for looking anything but the best on our big day? Dress dilemmas can be frustrating, time consuming and exhausting but let us face it, it is something that every bride must face and to minimize this not so pleasant experience, here are some things to always remember.

Budget constraints

Bridal outfits are available in every price range that you can think of but it is important for every bride to know what range she is going with. There is nothing more upsetting than the feeling of not getting your money’s worth, especially when it comes to an outfit this important. A budget also indirectly shortlists the available options you have versus visiting store after store.

Style picks

Like most brides, you may be open to the idea of seeing several bridal outfits but deep within you have pictured yourself in something. That little something is your biggest aid in determining your style for the big day. A classic bridal outfit to a vintage bridal outfit, a trendy bridal outfit to a glamorous bridal outfit, you can have it all in place by listening to your inner voice.


Labels or not

We all love the idea of owning garments of certain designers but perhaps you should keep these desires to a time other than your wedding. Certain labels might come with a price tag or style that is not suited to you therefore it is very important for you, as a bride, to determine firstly whether the outfit is within your budget and secondly if the style flatters your body shape and personality. Many times brides go wrong with their outfits in the sheer desire to own a designer bridal lehenga.

Season changes

Besides trends being quite an important factor in determining your bridal outfit, so is the season. Certain fabrics are best suited to certain weather conditions or temperatures. Nothing could hurt the eye more than a bride looking uncomfortable in her wedding attire.



Lastly, colors can make or break an outfit. Therefore every bride must spend some time draping fabrics of several colors to find what suits her best. Changing trends have seen brides shift from conventional Indian bridal outfit colors like maroon, red, gold to brighter neon shades but that shift does not necessarily translate to a successful one.

By working on some or all of the above factors brides can create a basic framework on how to pick or tailor the best possible outfit for their wedding day. Be assured through each stage of the process, as a bride, you will understand your requirements better therefore contributing to a perfect outfit and avoiding the big day dress dilemma.