Heels or Flats? What would you choose?

Brides, all over the world want to look their dream best on their wedding day with everything perfect, including the shoes which need to compliment their personality and body type perfectly. As per the traditional trend, brides used to wear those graceful stilettos to stand tall in the wedding.

However, with changing trends, a growing number of brides are opting for more comfortable designer flats instead of the elegant heels thus creating a healthy debate about individual choices.

We list down the pros and cons to help you make the right choice.


If heels are your obvious choice!

Pros :

  • Wearing heels help you stand up erect and thus improves your overall posture in the wedding dress.

Cons :

  • You will be standing a lot! on your wedding day in order to greet guests and click pictures.


If you choose flats!

Pros :

  • A pair of flat shoes is most comfortable to walk around, without worrying about the surface and you can be comfortable standing for long hours greeting the guests.

Cons :

  • Flat shoes, however decorated fall short on the glamour and finesse that wearing classy and stylish heels can add to your overall appearence.

We recommend getting both and changing them at regular intervals as required.



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