Band, Baaja, Talkies! 7 Best Bollywood Wedding Movies of Our Generation


We did a piece a while back on the best Hollywood movies you can watch for pointers on your wedding preparations. Well, it would be blasphemy, then, to not mention the industry that is know for its larger-than-life, festive, colourful theatre. Bollywood family entertainers are the very essence of what an Indian celebration is all about. We’ve compiled a list of some top Bollywood entertainers by stalwarts in this genre, so jot down your notes and get ready for some valuable wedding lessons:

Hum Aapke Hai KounHum_Aapke_Hain_Kaun

When it comes to wedding movies, no one does it better than Sooraj Bharjatiya. The colour, magnitude and fun associated with Indian weddings was first brought to the fore by this godfather of Indian family cinema. The movie focuses primarily on the various ceremonies in Indian weddings and the rituals and traditions that go with it. The pops of colour, the grand sets and sparkling star cast are an absolute feast on the eyes. This one is an absolute must watch!

Hum Saath Saath Hai 1

Hum Saath Saath Hain

This one is another blockbuster starring Salman Khan from the house of Rajshri. This movie, in addition to glorious weddings, highlights the trials and challenges faced by a joint family in modern day India. This movie truly celebrates the concept of a big fat Indian wedding.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge


DDLJ was a super hit when it first released in 1995, but soon surpassed expectations to become a cult following, a part of every household in India. Shahrukh Khan and Kajol immortalise the love story of Simran and Raj, and how their love gets caught up in the midst of preparations for Simran’s full-blown Punjabi wedding. Every character in the movie is tailor-made to fit the plot and works beautifully to bring conclusion to this glorious love affair. This movie is a classic family entertainer if there ever was one.

Band Baaja BaaratBand Baaja Baaraat

This one is very close to our hearts because it focuses on the more technical and painstaking side of wedding planning and not just the happy festivities. This story follows the lives of two planners who collaborate to form an event management company that caters to wedding celebrations. However, things get complicated when the two fall in love and this begins to affect their business. The movie is fresh, youthful and entertaining, and focuses on the little details and enormous prep that goes into actually planning a wedding. It also attempts to highlight the things that could go wrong at a wedding and why event planners play an important role, which goes way beyond the physical planning of the events.

Hyderabad BluesHyderabad Blues

This masterpiece by Nagesh Kukunoor does a humorous take on matchmaking in India and how the prospective match’s eligibility is determined based on their social status in the community. It highlights the social stigmas and mentalities often associated with arranged matches. NRIs are preferred over locals, fair skin over dark skin, tall over short, and so on. The movie is centred around an NRI who is back home in India on a vacation, and how his mother is using all her resources to have him married to a local girl before his vacation ends and he’s back overseas. What we love about this movie is that it doesn’t focus on the typical Punjabi weddings usually portrayed in Indian movies, but on the subtler customs of South India. This one is an absolute cracker, and thoroughly entertaining!

Bride and PrejudiceBride and Prejudice

This one comes from the maker of Bend It Like Beckham (another great wedding movie), which is a modern Indian take on Jane Austen’s cult classic Pride and Prejudice. Gurinder Chadha spins the comic tale of a witty young woman trying to find a suitable husband to a cross-cultural setting that spans 21st century India, London and America. The movie focuses on the disparity between non-residents and locals and how their sets of expectations from a wedding vary greatly. Don’t miss this one for some light-hearted entertainment.

Monsoon Weddingmonsoon-wedding

This amazing piece by Mira Nair is a happy movie that surpasses national boundaries and is a celebration of human behaviour. It is a comedy-drama about how several generations of an Indian family come together to partake in the wedding of their daughter with an NRI. The hilarity and complications that ensue will keep you tickled through the length of the movie. This offbeat wedding extravaganza is a must watch.

I hope you enjoy this list of wedding treats and are able to take away from the essence of what each movie has tried to portray. Until next time!