Wine, Unwind, Rewind ! 7 Best Hollywood Wedding Movies To Enjoy During Your D-Day Preparations!


We all know that weddings can be a very stressful time for the immediate families. There’s so much planning to do, so many little details to take care of and so much that can go wrong. However, there’s also a fun side to it, such as cake tastings, wedding shopping, bachelor/bachelorette parties and movie nights. That’s right. Movies are a great way to garner valuable information and details that might help you plan your own wedding affair. This is also a fun thing to do with your bridesmaids and closest friends, and something that’ll help you relax.

To kick-start this wedding season, here’s a list of our 7 best Hollywood wedding movies:

Father of the BrideFATHER OF THE BRIDE, front from left: George Newbern, Steve Martin, Kimberly Williams, 1991, ©Buena Vista Pictures

This movie is one of our absolute favourites as it embodies the very essence of a wedding movie. It all begins with an unexpected wedding proposal, which transforms into a father’s worst nightmare. The movie has everything from a big wedding to a sassy, creative wedding planner and highlights the tiniest of details that could make or break a wedding day. It also focuses on the most important bit: the expenses associated with a wedding. But, what we love most is how the movie spotlights a father’s love for his daughter and the very real fears and apprehensions every parent faces as their child prepares to take the big leap.

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My Big Fat Greek WeddingMy Big Fat Greek Wedding - pinterest

This movie may as well be called ‘My Big Fat Indian Wedding’, because that’s the level at which Indians are able to relate to this. This movie is a hilarious and bang-on depiction of the madness that comes with a traditional wedding in a close-knit community, and how family, friends, relatives and guests play a vital role in making or breaking it. In short, it’s the story of practically every Indian family wedding.

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Bridesmaidsbridesmaids01 shortquotesuk

This one’s another hilarious take on an age-old wedding tradition: bridesmaids. Though in an over-the-top way, it does touch on the essence of the responsibility that comes with being a bridesmaid and maid of honour. It showcases their duties and what a vital role the friends play in assisting with the wedding planning. It’s a great tutorial for how things can spiral out of hand in a jiffy, if you don’t pay close attention to the details.

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Bride-Wars popsugar

Bride Wars

This is the ultimate take on bridezillas gone crazy. It’s an enjoyable watch, in which two friends who are getting married at the same time, on the same day become rivals and attempt to sabotage each other’s plans. Another one to watch with your girlfriends over some bubbly.

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27 Dresses

27 Dresses - dramastyle

This gem is a close contender in the favourites category. The story of a girl who’s been a bridesmaid 27 times and now has to play that role for her sister, who happens to be marrying the man she’s secretly in love with. This movie offers great insight into the duties of a bridesmaid; it’s also enjoyable to watch the various types of weddings highlighted in the movie through the protagonist’s 27 bridesmaid dresses.

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Runaway Bride roxanele.wordpressRunaway Bride

Married life is very different from single life, more so for the bride as she needs to get accustomed to a whole new way of life. This movie focuses on a bride’s very real fears pertaining to the wedding day. When a woman begins garnering attention for having fled multiple times just before her wedding, a reporter tries his best to find out the story behind it. The chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is explosive as usual. An absolute must-watch!

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Seven Brides for Seven BrothersSeven Brides for Seven Brothers-

This classic is a family entertainer. A mountain man brings home a wife after spending just six hours with her on a fateful day. However, he avoids informing her that he has six brothers, and they all live under one roof. This story revolves around the new bride’s enjoyable struggle to adjust with her husband’s uncouth brothers and her attempt to reform them. However, much more hilarity ensues when the brothers decide to get wives of their own. This one is definitely a top three in the favourites club, so be sure to catch it. What’s more, it has it’s own Hindi version (Satte Pe Satta)!

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There are many more movies you can watch for the sake of entertainment and education, but our recommendations, unfortunately, are limited to the ones we like. This is just the top of the barrel, so feel free to prepare your own fun list and add to this range of feel-good cinema. Just remember that planning a wedding is a big deal, and once in a while, all you need is some popcorn and a great set of DVDs to de-stress. Have a great season!