Wedding App Trends This 2015


We live in the age of mobile applications. These apps cater to practically every industry and have made our fast-paced, hectic lives that much easier. All one has to do is log on to acquire 24-hour access to online grocery stores, clothes boutiques, home decor stores, or a friend’s backyard. Naturally, the wedding industry has also capitalized on this phenomenon. It’s hard to throw a wedding bouquet these days without hitting a website or app devoted to weddings. The wedding couple in this day and age require to be more tech savvy than ever before. Apps and digital tools can greatly cut down stress and help keep one organized.

Here are some wedding apps trending this 2015:

Wedding Happy


Wedding Happy is an efficient, all-rounder app that’s super simple to get up and running. An iPhone application, it can be accessed through the iPad as well. After you’ve entered the date of your D-Day, all you have to do is sit back and wait as it creates a customized list of things you need to do and people you need to contact. Not only this, the app is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. And the best bit? You don’t even need a network connection to access this to-do list.

Appy Couple


Weddings are a happy, yet equally stressful time for all involved with planning it. This is where Appy Couple comes handy. Essentially, it lets the wedding pair compile all the data regarding their wedding, including photos, their love and proposal stories, wedding events, guest and hotel information and other important requirements into one app. Once you’re done, you’ll have an app your family and friends can download for free. The best part? You can customize which guests see what event details (after all, not everyone will be invited to the mehendi and sangeet). The icing on the cake is that your guests will be able to interact with one another before the big day and create the buzz required to truly inspire your wedding season.

Wedding Party


The usual experience at weddings is that the official photographer isn’t the only one looking to snap the bride and groom. In fact, that cousin who’s a budding photographer may have clicked some superb shots you’re not aware of. To avoid missing out on the varying perspectives of your wedding day, opt for Wedding Party. This mobile app will allow your wedding guests, friends and family to contribute to a shared, digital album of photos and notes, which can later be posted directly to your Facebook timeline. The Wedding Party app is easy to set up and simple to share. Guests can install the application, enter the wedding name, and share their shots of your happy time. It’s the best way to create your own expansive, diverse photo album of memories.



Pinterest is not your average wedding application, but this photo-sharing app can come extremely handing when you’re looking for creative ideas for the wedding decor or unique styles for a customized wedding gown. All you have to do is register, and you can begin uploading, saving, sorting, and managing images (known as pins) and other media content such as videos through collections known as ‘pinboards’. Brides these days are even using Pinterest to share ideas with their wedding party and family. Instead of having to email photos of dresses or flowers to get the bridesmaids’ opinions, create a board of ideas to share instantly. Even apart from the wedding, this app is bound to be a hit for any form of creative inspiration!



Again, not conventionally for wedding planning, this app is the eternal organizer. It syncs brilliantly between your computer, phone, and tablet, storing everything you could possibly imagine losing track of. Instead of lugging a book bursting with to-do post-it notes, business cards, and swatch samples, you can sync up on a notebook and share links, photos, itineraries, and anything else to make your wedding planning efficient and systematic. You can use task lists, sync them with your calendar, and set reminders to keep track of your appointments with vendors. This is especially useful if you’re planning your own wedding; it’s like your very own virtual wedding planner!

It’s difficult to imagine life without technology in the twenty-first century. You utilize technology, the Internet, and social media for practically everything, so why not the most important day of your life. There are several wedding apps and websites available on the market these days (besides the ones highlighted here), and each is equally competent. So pick the apps that you feel will benefit you the most and trust that your choices will deliver. These will ensure that your wedding affair is an absolutely unforgettable one!


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