Unplugged Weddings: Why Some Duos Dare to Disengage


The biggest  wedding trend of recent years has been to go offline with your wedding. We know it sounds like just another pomp, but consider this. Do you recall a time when wedding guests paid attention to the wedding vows rather than how much battery they had left in their phones? When the official photographer didn’t have to worry about bobbing heads and protruding arms that could potentially ruin a crucial capture of the wedding ceremony? Well, these are few of several reasons why to-be-weds these days are requesting for an unplugged affair.


An unplugged wedding is when the wedding party requests their families and friends to turn off their camera phones, tablets and other electronic hindrances and truly enjoy the wedding experience, and bless the couple with their heart and not their photography skills. We really understand why brides and grooms are going this route. This gives the hired wedding photographer the chance to capture the wedding as efficiently as possible without missing key shots due to obtrusive guest photographers. Wedding photographers involve a heavy investment, so it’s a real shame when the perfect wedding shot is ruined by a spontaneous flash from a smartphone.



Besides all this, an unplugged wedding helps maintain a sense of intimacy in the wedding affair. Guests can truly enjoy the revelry and participate in the ceremony without worrying about capturing the perfect portrait through a 5-inch screen. I mean, the official photographer gets paid for the job, so it’s best to let them handle it. It’s alright to let the bride be the first one to Instagram her wedding.

All in all, it boils down to the wedding couple’s personal choice. Some brides and grooms love the attention and the fact that guests are so socially charged and updating about their ceremony in real time. On the other hand, some prefer to pick the unplugged itinerary and have their friends and family be physically and mentally, rather than virtually, present on their joyous occasion. The responsibility you have as a guest is to ensure that your wedding pair have a truly memorable event and no hindrance or undue stress is caused to them due to a conspicuous camera click.