Because You Know We’re All About The Drapes – Not Tables!

Drapes have the ability to magically transform the dullest of places into a visual treat. Whether you have a particular color scheme or a theme running through your wedding or not, a beautifully designed ceiling drape with the right amount of lighting can add volumes to your wedding decor.

There are many ways to go about decking up your venue with drapes – you can either let them fall from the ceiling or take the ends of each fabric and attach it to where the ceiling and the walls meet, to give a romantic tent-like effect.

Lights and drapes get along like a house on fire; when you have monochrome drapes you can project colorful lighting on these drapes for a better effect. If your drapes are already colored, you can keep the setting to a minimal amber or house lighting.

Here are some of our favorite draping ideas which we’ve used with our weddings: