Stunning Hairdos for the “I Do”

If you’re the bride, then whether you like it or not, you will command most of the attention on your wedding day. Every satin bow, every frill, every stroke of eye liner will probably be intensely analyzed. That’s why, it’s important that the little details are taken care of along with the big ones. The hairstyle you wear on your D-Day, though seemingly a small task, is a very big detail that can make or break your wedding look. So to make your life easier, here are some hairstyle trends from 2014!

The Chignon

A chignon is the most classic and safe hairstyle for the bride. If you’re looking for a no-fuss, low maintenance hairstyle that is elegant, yet easygoing, then these beautiful buns are the hairdo for you. And the best part? You can wear the chignon in at least 10 different ways, so there’s a huge variety you can choose from. Some favourites are the bouffant bun, the side swept chignon, the loosely curled chignon, and the braided chignon. Spice up these dazzling buns with beautiful accessories, and you’ll have all the armour you need to stun your wedding party.

The Braid

These enchanted locks are suitable for any outfit, in any setup, and for any occasion. One of the oldest ways to do hair, this style was considered a look for the plain Jane. However, modern-day fashionistas have rediscovered these modest tangles and revived their importance in high style. There are endless choices of braids available, such as the fishtail, the French braid, the five-strand braid, and the full crown braid. The hottest trend of 2014 is the ‘Katniss Braid’, made famous by Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Just pick one of these beautiful knots, and you’re bound to steal the show!

The Bouffant

If you’re looking for that elegant, retro, Audrey Hepburn look on your wedding day, then the bouffant is the hairstyle for you. This gorgeous do, made famous in the 60s (by dazzling women such as the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy), has made it’s way back on the ramps of international fashion weeks. Go with the classic, the poof, the ballerina, or the side bouffant, and transform yourself into a goddess to steal your groom’s heart all over again.

Long, Loose, Luxurious

If you’re considering something more natural, flowing, and bohemian to complete your wedding look, then let your hair down and pick a stunning open hairstyle to show off that irresistible mane. Tresses, classic curls, Hollywood waves, the half-up bun, the demi-bouffant, the waterfall braid – the options are endless! Elevate one of these dazzling dos with beautiful accessories and watch the wedding party swoon at your entry.

The Crop / Bob Cut

For all the divas out there who have a little bit of Victoria Beckham in them (if you were a teenager in the 90s, you’ll know what I’m talking about), the crop or bob cut is the ideal deal for you. These iconic mops are so stylish, they rarely need accessories to support them. However, you can surely enhance your look with a minimal accessory such as a flower or pretty hairband. One thing’s certain though; no matter how you wear this look, you’re going to have a red carpet rolled out for you!

It’s natural that most brides ignore their wedding hairdo until the wedding day is in the looming, what with the million things they need to get done. But the bride’s hairdo is the next most important thing after the wedding dress. Take the time to select a sizzling look for yourself, something you know you can pull off and be comfortable and confident in, and all the other elements that make up your bridal look will fall into place. Have a great wedding!


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