Glorious Goa: Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses


Goa ~ Land of Allowance.

“Come look my shop”

Everyone can be who he wants ~ 

Accepting Happiness

In so many words, Goa is not a place; it’s a way of life. Though known to be one of the greatest party capitals of the world, there’s much more to Goa than meets the eye. This wonderland has seen more than it’s fare share of love stories realized. Weddings in Goa have become a custom of their own. Let’s have a look at some of the most traditional and unconventional ways to tie the knot in this coastal paradise.

Beach Bells

The beaches of Goa need no introduction. A beach wedding here is bound to be fun, elegant, and way more affordable and much less stressful than a traditional wedding. Besides, it’d be great fun for your family and wedding guests too!

Our pick:

Zeebop By The Sea is a restaurant located in the heart of the beautiful Utorda beach, known for its white sands and magnificent sunsets. It’s the upcoming hotspot for beach weddings. In an almost magical setup, the two venues (one for smaller wedding parties and one for larger wedding receptions) provide an unhindered view of the bewitching waves in front of them. So pick this beautiful strip of sand for your conventional, yet exotic affair!


Waterfront Wonder

You want your wedding day to linger in your memory for a lifetime, and the first step to making it memorable is to pick the perfect wedding venue. Waterfront venues capture the natural beauty of the river, and the architectural detail and strategic location of these manmade-cum-natural constructions will provide a gorgeous backdrop for your dream wedding.

Our pick:

LPK Waterfront is one of the most unique-looking waterfronts in the vicinity. This extraordinary manmade wonder is situated on the banks of the Nerul river, with the 400-year-old Candolim church staring straight at it. It has been artistically designed and decorated for the perfect wedding, all with small and big reception areas (fondly called “decks”), its own discotheque, and little quirky areas that could be dedicated to your different wedding activities. We recommend this venue if you’re looking to have an over-the-top, fun, glossy affair.


Cruise Wedding

Weddings can be hectic and chaotic, and planning them may not be the best time for everyone. If you’re not one to be excited by wedding buzz, it may just be possible to have an elaborate wedding without going through the challenge of actually planning one. The cruises in Goa are ideal for an onboard ceremony; they provide a truly unique and romantic setup, something unorthodox, yet with minimal effort.

Our pick:

The Paradise Cruises are Goa’s most distinguished triple-deck cruise boats. The company has two ginormous watercrafts that house 600 and 400 passengers, respectively. These loveboats will deliver a truly unforgettable, customized, and majestic experience for you on your grand day, and your guests won’t go unhappy either! So pick this wedding venue for a dreamy experience by the Mandovi riverside.


The wedding venues we’ve recommended just about scratch the surface of the beautiful settings Goa has to offer, so don’t restrict yourself and let your imagination run wild! The state also has an array of breathtaking historic churches if you wish you have a ceremonious Roman Catholic wedding. But apart from the wedding venue you pick, another very important aspect is the food that will be served at your wedding. Goan cuisine, just like Goan culture, is an irresistible mix of the East and the West. It comprises a blend of Arabian, Portuguese and other indigenous cultures to form a delicious Indo-European symphony. Do a little mix of all these cuisines, or pick one that suits your wedding theme best. Either way, your wedding will decidedly be a delectable affair!

And last but not least, don’t forget to have some fun while you’re there! Whether you’re lounging on its beaches with a chilled drink, shopping at its innumerable flea markets, having a scrumptious meal in one of its merry shacks, or watching a sports match in one of its friendly pubs, Goa never lets you compromise. It reinforces the fact that you’re allowed. Allowed to live, love, wed, and be real in the land of allowances.

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