Envious Emeralds

Termed as the color of 2013, emerald green jewelry has stood the test of time and changing tastes in fashion. Emeralds give traditional bridal jewelry a contemporary touch. Bridal outfits in shades of red, orange and purple sharply contrast with green; which generally suits Indian skin tones and photographs really well too. As usual, we’ve picked our favorites for you this week:








Wedding Shopping Destination: Kanchipuram

Known for its traditionally woven silk sarees with heavy gold zari work, Kanchipuram is the perfect destination for all your wedding shopping needs. With its wide contrasting borders and motifs, the Kanjeevaram saree has made its way into every woman’s closet.

Kanchipuram has a history of weaving dating back to about 400 years with silk weavers settling in this temple town. Even today there are more than 500 families engaged in the exquisite art of weaving silk. Shopping here for silk saris and fabrics can be done at handloom co-operatives who run their retail outlets.

vines-sari-21The 3 most popular areas to choose the finest and most beautiful silk sarees are Gandhi Road, T.N Nambi Street and Nadu Street. These places are lined with innumerable shops that sell all varieties of silk sarees. It’s only normal to momentarily lose your mind over the colors and textures offered by these stores. The sarees in these shops range from 3,000 to 90,000 rupees – depending on the kind of work gone into their making.

topimg_20531_kanchivaram_600x400Other than the wedding trousseau, Kanchipuram is the ultimate choice for exquisite gold wedding jewellery. Traditional temple jewellery is found in abundance at well known brands like Tanishq and Alukkas, and also at a number of local outlets on Raja street and Kamarajar road.

20121008-110851-pmIf you’re done with all your shopping activities and have some time to kill, you can visit the temples in and around the city – Kanchipuram is known as the city of a thousand temples. Shopping in Kanchi is definitely an experience you must check off your list.


Bridal jewelry with rubies has always been a trend. Being one of the 4 precious stones, the charm of this blood-red colored stone can never go unnoticed in any occasion.

Since most Indian weddings swear by the color red, rubies complement and add to the entire extravaganza. Here are some of our personal favorites:



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Wedding Shopping Destination: Ahmedabad

Ever thought of picking up your wedding essentials at Ahmedabad? Known for its textile industry, this city attracts buyers from all over the world, for its colorful fabrics. Read on to know about some places you must not miss, while you’re here.

A wide range of sarees, traditional fabrics and the ever so popular bandhini and bandhej contribute to the abundance of options when it comes to wedding shopping. The reason behind the popularity of these fabrics is that the age old practices of hand weaving are still carried on here.


C.G Road – A must visit place for beautiful handwoven silk patola sarees, Chimanlal Girdharlal road is ranked as one of the most expensive retail locations in the city. A long line of bridal wear stores makes this area the busiest shopping area. Silver and gold jewelry shops also attract shoppers here.


Teen Darwaza Market – This bustling market place is a good choice if you want to pick up antique jewelry; which is absolutely traditional with a sharp contrast to modern styles. You can also indulge in hand loomed and embroidered fabrics which are a big hit with shoppers.


Dhal Garwad  – Located in the heart of the city, this is an open market, crammed with people buying ethnic Indian wear – colorful sarees and dupattas . Along with its wide range of availability, Dhal Garwad is also noted for its reasonable rates and quality goods.


Law Garden Market – Bandhni saris embellished in golden silk threads and zari work is something one cannot avoid at Law Garden. This market is also known for its white metal ornaments.



Ahmedabad offers a blend of old-world charm with contemporary style. We definitely give this place a plus 1 for the variety it offers.  

Sapphire Weddings

While everybody is going gaga over traditional gold and silver for their weddings, we thought you should give a dazzling twist to yours, by adding sapphires to your wedding jewelry.

The story behind the name goes that sapphire is derived from the Greek word ‘Sappheiros’ which means cherished or treasured stone. It’s one of the 4 other precious gemstones – diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

Whether they’re a part of the main wedding ring or used intricately in your necklaces and bangles, sapphires stand out with their rich blue hues. We’ve picked out some of our favorites – read on!




tear drop sapphire diamond earrings