Make My Hair

Your big day does not only mean the start of a new journey but it also means a moment where you will be the attention of all eyes. This moment undoubtedly brings a natural glow to every bride’s face, but amidst this glow could be signs of the stress and exhaustion faced during the wedding preparations. Here’s a quick guide to help every bride look her best for her wedding day. As the countdown to your wedding begins, so does a countdown for your grooming plan.


Indian weddings generally span a couple of days and with every occasion; the bride would like to look her best. This calls for the possibility of different hairstyles and hair that can take the stress of repeated styling.




Haircuts Refrain from cutting your hair too short prior to the wedding. This should be done a couple of months in advance as maintaining hair length enables the stylist to style the hair in as many ways as possible during the wedding. The most a bride can resort to in terms of haircuts is a hair trim ten days prior to the wedding.

Highlights & color Every bride might get the urge to get experimental to look her best but we strongly recommend staying away from taking extreme steps. Highlights and color should be done well in advance to give the look enough time to settle and allow implementation of a plan B in case the look is not as expected.

Oiling & hair spa As you and your stylist plan various hairdos for the wedding; do remember that repeated styling and use of chemicals can cause some serious stress to your tresses. Keep them nourished with oil treatments and hair spa treatments once or twice a week from at least two months prior to the wedding.

We will be posting tips about caring for your skin before D-day in our next blog post.



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