The Perfect Man

Gone are the days when brides got all attention on the wedding day. Today, a groom is as important. Couples are equally examined when it comes to their clothes, accessories and grooming. While most may think that men have very little to do when it comes to dressing, think again! There are little things that every man may over look assuming it is not a big deal but we bet you, it is!

The Knot

The necktie has always been an integral part of every man’s formal dress code. Thus keeping its importance in mind, every groom must realize the attention required towards getting the look right. Getting the length of the tie right is a job half done! Men should ensure the end of the tie reaches their waistband or the buckle of the belt. The next thing they need to work on is the knot of the tie. There are various ways one can knot a tie but we strongly recommend the suggestion and help of your suit designer to pick one that suits you best. Secondly, the art of knotting a tie is not one that comes easy, therefore take time to practice it several times or get a professional to help you loosely knot it. This way all that is left to do on the wedding day is to put it on and tighten the bits. For those who still can’t get it right, there is absolutely no need to hit the panic button. Zipper ties and clip on ones can solve the problem. But remember, nothing looks shabbier than a messy tie.



Foot Affair

We all know the importance of our feet, especially when it comes to standing long hours or constantly being on the move and your wedding day could be one such day. Besides the need to have extremely comfortable well-fitting shoes, it is important the groom takes time to ensure his shoes are well polished and socks are rightly matched. You never know at which point your socks are visible and the last thing you want is strange colored socks popping out or holes and tears.

Lengths & Widths

Suit trials can be an exhausting and frustrating task for most grooms but we assure you the psychological rewards of a well-fitted suit are far more than anything else. Go through repeated trials to ensure the suit fits right as this will determine your look and confidence level on your big day. Ensure the jacket length measures half the distance between your neck and feet, the sleeve length ends on the top of your wrist bone and your shirt sleeve ends at the base of your palm. Ill-fitting suits on the wedding day are a big no-no!



There are several different ways every man can accessorize himself on his big day and getting it right is extremely important. We generally recommend staying clear of jewelry like earrings and chains. Leave that to a casual occasion. Cuffs, pocket squares and bow ties are interesting ways to spark up a suit but make sure you get pieces that go well with the suit. Once again, we remind you that getting an accessory is not as important as making sure it is worn right. Therefore make sure cuff links are placed the right side up, bow ties fit well and pocket squares are folded neatly.

Paying attention to little details helps in creating a fantastic overall look. After all, you do want your bride and guests to feel you are ‘The Perfect Man’.

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Wedding Rings

Wedding rings today are a billion dollar sentiment of love, but no one can really say for sure when this age old tradition actually started. Some believe that the oldest recorded exchange of wedding rings comes from ancient Egypt, about 4800 years ago.

The circle is the symbol of eternity, and to give a woman a ring signifies never-ending and immortal love. According to  a tradition believed to have been derived from the Romans, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand ring finger because there was thought to be a vein in the finger, referred to as the ‘Vena Amoris’ or the ‘Vein of Love’ said to be directly connected to the heart.

We picked up some of our personal favorites from the types of bands doing the rounds in the wedding circuit.







Dress Dilemma

As women we all have experienced that stress of standing in front of a full length mirror wondering if we look our best in the given outfit. At times we have issues with the color, with the style, with the way it highlights parts we are actually trying to hide and so on. Depending on how much time we have, we generally give in to the mirror and accept the look and move on BUT when it is the wedding outfit in question, we dare not do that. Why would we want to settle for looking anything but the best on our big day? Dress dilemmas can be frustrating, time consuming and exhausting but let us face it, it is something that every bride must face and to minimize this not so pleasant experience, here are some things to always remember.

Budget constraints

Bridal outfits are available in every price range that you can think of but it is important for every bride to know what range she is going with. There is nothing more upsetting than the feeling of not getting your money’s worth, especially when it comes to an outfit this important. A budget also indirectly shortlists the available options you have versus visiting store after store.

Style picks

Like most brides, you may be open to the idea of seeing several bridal outfits but deep within you have pictured yourself in something. That little something is your biggest aid in determining your style for the big day. A classic bridal outfit to a vintage bridal outfit, a trendy bridal outfit to a glamorous bridal outfit, you can have it all in place by listening to your inner voice.


Labels or not

We all love the idea of owning garments of certain designers but perhaps you should keep these desires to a time other than your wedding. Certain labels might come with a price tag or style that is not suited to you therefore it is very important for you, as a bride, to determine firstly whether the outfit is within your budget and secondly if the style flatters your body shape and personality. Many times brides go wrong with their outfits in the sheer desire to own a designer bridal lehenga.

Season changes

Besides trends being quite an important factor in determining your bridal outfit, so is the season. Certain fabrics are best suited to certain weather conditions or temperatures. Nothing could hurt the eye more than a bride looking uncomfortable in her wedding attire.



Lastly, colors can make or break an outfit. Therefore every bride must spend some time draping fabrics of several colors to find what suits her best. Changing trends have seen brides shift from conventional Indian bridal outfit colors like maroon, red, gold to brighter neon shades but that shift does not necessarily translate to a successful one.

By working on some or all of the above factors brides can create a basic framework on how to pick or tailor the best possible outfit for their wedding day. Be assured through each stage of the process, as a bride, you will understand your requirements better therefore contributing to a perfect outfit and avoiding the big day dress dilemma.

Make My Hair

Your big day does not only mean the start of a new journey but it also means a moment where you will be the attention of all eyes. This moment undoubtedly brings a natural glow to every bride’s face, but amidst this glow could be signs of the stress and exhaustion faced during the wedding preparations. Here’s a quick guide to help every bride look her best for her wedding day. As the countdown to your wedding begins, so does a countdown for your grooming plan.


Indian weddings generally span a couple of days and with every occasion; the bride would like to look her best. This calls for the possibility of different hairstyles and hair that can take the stress of repeated styling.




Haircuts Refrain from cutting your hair too short prior to the wedding. This should be done a couple of months in advance as maintaining hair length enables the stylist to style the hair in as many ways as possible during the wedding. The most a bride can resort to in terms of haircuts is a hair trim ten days prior to the wedding.

Highlights & color Every bride might get the urge to get experimental to look her best but we strongly recommend staying away from taking extreme steps. Highlights and color should be done well in advance to give the look enough time to settle and allow implementation of a plan B in case the look is not as expected.

Oiling & hair spa As you and your stylist plan various hairdos for the wedding; do remember that repeated styling and use of chemicals can cause some serious stress to your tresses. Keep them nourished with oil treatments and hair spa treatments once or twice a week from at least two months prior to the wedding.

We will be posting tips about caring for your skin before D-day in our next blog post.


Magic of Maldives

If you have always dreamt of a beach wedding then we assure you the magic of Maldives stays unmatched. Begin your romantic journey together with sea, sand and something different. This serene and scenic island nation located in the Indian Ocean is the ideal choice for intimate destination weddings.



Island weddings do have their limitations but these factors contribute to preserving the warmth and beauty of the wedding. Some things couples may encounter when planning island weddings are:

  1. What are the options?

There is more to island weddings than just the sand. The soft sand bank of these gorgeous islands could be the actual venue of the wedding or a backdrop to the wedding set up. This means that couples could choose to have their wedding at various locations within the resort ranging from the beachside, the pavilions or perhaps restaurants perched over the water. In addition to these, the option of making your vows on a yacht are also available to those couples who want to go that extra step.

  1. What kind of a wedding can it be?

Maldives would be a suitable wedding destination for those with slightly bigger budgets and smaller numbers. The accommodation and food and beverage expenses incurred with an island wedding tends to make it a destination perfect for those willing to pay that extra bit. Also, the ambiance of the island calls for smaller weddings with a limited number of guests.

  1. What ambiance to expect?

The beauty of a picturesque venue is the possibility the wedding planner has to convert it into a classic and formal wedding or quirky and casual wedding. Couples have the option of sticking to the archetypal beach wedding that signifies love and romance with all things beautiful or break the norms with a more off-the-cuff wedding that allows guests to dress more casual and enjoy the wedding as ‘moments’ versus ‘events’.

Experience an exclusive wedding in the intimate and scenic surroundings of some of the best resorts in Maldives:

  1. W Retreat & Spa
  2. Four Seasons Resort at Landaa Giraavaru
  3. Villingili Resort & Spa




Though every resort offers guests a host of activities to enjoy their stay in Maldives, guests can typically indulge in:

  1. Diving & snorkelling

If diving is your passion or is something you want to experience for the first time, then we strongly recommend diving in Maldives. The tropical wonders of this water lover’s paradise is sure to make your diving and snorkelling experience worthwhile.

  1. Water sports

Adventure junkies at your wedding can enjoy a host of different water sports like speed boating, water-skiing and parasailing.

  1. Exploring nature

The beauty of a wedding destination like Maldives is the unique experience each of the islands / resorts can offer. If you love nature and are hosting guests who have preferences similar to yours then opt for a resort that allows activities likes guided walks, bike tours and nature trails.



The beauty of the islands and a host of activities, all packaged amongst the excitement of your nuptials is sure to make this experience memorable for not only you and your partner but also your guests. Therefore a destination wedding in Maldives is a must-experience for lovers of the sand and sea.

Let Them Eat Cake

Chocolate, blueberry or red velvet – Wedding Cakes come in all different flavors, shapes and sizes! Of late, cakes at weddings are customized to fit the color scheme or the overall theme of the wedding itself.  It could be a simple one tiered traditional cake or it could have multiple layers, with unique toppers, fruit, cream and so many other options available, to make a statement at your wedding reception.

In this post we have picked out some unusual yet beautiful wedding cakes that caught our attention.








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