Mesmerizing Morocco

Mesmerizing Morocco

Mystical, magical and mesmerizing best describes this North African country. Home to the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines as well as rugged mountain interiors which set the backdrop for picturesque memories definitely makes Morocco the ideal venue for a destination wedding.

While many cities in this country would work as a great setting for a memorable Indian wedding, our top two picks would be Marrakech and Agadir. The easiest route to either of these destinations would be a flight from any metro city in India to the commercial capital of Morocco, Casablanca followed by a drive to the final destination though some of these cities do have the facilities of a domestic airport.


A two and a half hour drive away from Casablanca, Marrakech is a great wedding destination for those who have always dreamt of a historic wedding theme. Commonly known as the ‘Red City’ because its red walls, Marrakech has established itself as the cultural and religious centre of Morocco thus giving it a traditional charm.


We recommend:

Amanjena Resort – Walk through the resort’s sun plated red walls and stoned courtyard which reflect the city’s Moorish heritage and you will realize why this makes a perfect backdrop for the special day. Enjoy a wedding accompanied by musicians, a horse for the groom and Moroccan beautifying rituals as part of the celebrations at this gorgeous property.

What guests can enjoy while in Marrakech:

Apart from the wedding celebrations, guests can enjoy the rustic feel the city has to offer with its markets.



Some of the places that guests must-visit in Marrakech are:

Jemaa el-Fnaa – Titled as Africa’s busiest marketplace, this square is a must-do when in Marrakech for the variety of visuals it has to offers. As the day progresses ,your wedding guests can see a host of activities at the square ranging from food vendors to snake charmers and dancers.

Chez Ali – Let wedding guests make the most of their trip to Marrakech with a visit to Chez Ali. A night of dinner teamed with magnificent entertainment like acrobats, riders and musicians is definitely going to leave them with fantastic memories of their trip to your wedding.


Less than four and a half hours away from Casablanca, Agadir is a definite wedding destination for lovers of the ocean and all things blue.

Located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir is known as the ‘seaside resort’ in Morocco because of its great beaches and Northern European tourist population. For those who still prefer the modern appeal, Agadir is a great wedding venue for the urban feel.

We recommend:

Palais des Roses Resort & Spa – Enjoy a magnificent and elegant wedding while overlooking the Bay of Agadir, awarded one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Located on the Agadir Beach, the resort will surely give you a scenic wedding setting against the clear blue waters and sandy beaches.


What guests can enjoy while in Agadir:

Apart from the wedding celebrations, guests can enjoy fun in the sun with time spent on the dazzling beaches or by getting adventurous. Some great things one can do in Agadir are:

Le Musee de l’Argan – They say, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. We say, ‘When in Morocco, do as the Moroccans do’. A trip to this beautiful country without indulging in a traditional Hammam, also known as a steam bath, is a no-no. Take some time out during or after the wedding celebrations and make a trip to Le Musee de l’Argan and indulge in this therapeutic cleansing session.

Beyond the beach – If you are an adventure junkie, an off road trip from Agadir is a must. Add to the fun of the wedding ambiance with dune buggy and quad biking trips for guests. The trip along the shores of the ocean, through the forests and on the dunes will allow them to see the unexplored beauty of this country. This unusual trip is sure to make your guests remember your wedding for a long time to come.

So get those bags packed and dash across to the world’s second largest continent to plan your perfect destination wedding.





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