We’re picking things for the DIY Wedding Day. To kick things off, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY pictures  all with the wedding season in mind. Whether you’re celebrating or hosting a celebration for someone else, here are some of our fave new party ideas from around the web.

31928_521586257883135_1732575541_nLovely idea for a juice stall: Pick your favorite fruity beverages and place them in aesthetically appealing juice jars at a separate stall. Great way to beat the summer heat!

30356_453599354681826_892524615_nMake your Wedding shoes shine by just  sprinkling some glitter to your old pair of black heels.

149335_493127830728978_1443465933_nMake seating more fun by spray painting old chairs; and create your own theme for the party.

052012-beaded-flip-flops-feature01Jazz up your old pair of flip flops by adding some beads and bling!

diy-wedding-ideas-for-summerAdorable Bubble Tin Favors  best used for a bachelorette. Just add some Bubble Solution in a tin and relive the bubble blowing fun!

PicMonkey CollagePick up glasses you see lying around, glue on some snippets of lace and put candles inside.  Your DIY candle holder for the next fun wedding bash.

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