Chaitra and Sunish

We were in the 12th standard. In the entire class of 18, Chaitra was the only girl. We took a trip to Mount Abu – it was a long journey by train. I became friends with her only to hit on her friend who was accompanying her. Now that we look back at it, it feels really funny how we both actually started dating. On Valentines’ Day, we just went out on a casual date, without any commitment. We had a good time, I realized how much we both had in common.

Life had different plans for both of us after that. We were separated by distance, as she moved back to Bangalore from Delhi, to work. I somehow felt that we had left something incomplete, even though neither of us ever had a conversation about our feelings. I then started keeping in touch with her through handwritten love letters. After a while, I finally knew she was the one, and gathered up the courage to propose to her. It was through an STD call. My happiness knew no bounds when she said yes! It took a lot of convincing from both ends, for our families to accept this union. But we finally made it. We have been married for 6 years, and it still feels like our story has just begun.


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