And The List Goes On & On & On…

Think back to all the parties you’ve organized or hosted. They all have a similar framework which involves catering, invites, giveaways and so on but have you realized none of these elements can be finalised until you know how many people are expected. And this issue perhaps stems from the big question  – how many guests should you invite in the first place?

As individuals of a society we always tend to base these decisions on different factors ranging from who invited us in the past to who we really want as part of our celebrations, from who is immediate family to who could pass off as far-off relatives. Each of these thoughts play a role in determining your final guest list and we know the problems it can pose. For this we suggest a four finger rule on how to create guest lists, especially for weddings, which are an elaborate affair.

Categorize the crowd

The easiest way to start the list is to categorize everyone you know. Create titles for each list like immediate family, secondary family, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, classmates and so forth. This way everyone is bracketed in a way to enable you to understand their place in your life on your big day. Our favorite way to getting started is running through your phone list, Facebook friends or the age old address book at home.

Prioritize the people

Once you have categorized the guests, it is now time to rate them in order of importance. The ones who are extremely special and important to you are prioritized on the list with a star or highlighter so you know that they are definitely included for the wedding whereas the rest remain as options based on other factors.

Feel the function

By now your most important guests are marked on the list and perhaps you are contemplating over which ones should be invited from the rest of the list. For this it is extremely important to visualize the wedding functions. Think about what kind of mood you want to set and that should give you an idea. If you want a Mehendi function that is intimate and fun then you would most likely omit acquaintances or colleagues but if you would want something more extensive then you would include the ones who aren’t too close to you as well. Similarly you wouldn’t have a bachelor or youngsters party which included far off relatives – would you? Thinking along the lines of how you would want to enjoy each day of your wedding will definitely help you define the guest list even better.

Adhere to the arrangement

Once you reach this stage, you will realize that you pretty much have a guest list that is quite close to the final one but what will really make it the final one is your ability to stick to it. We strongly recommend to try and avoid checking the list more than twice or thrice to the maximum else it is a case of – back to square one – and you will not see yourself progressing.

We aren’t claiming that making the guest list is as easy as we are trying to make it sound but we assure you it isn’t as big a task if you are systematic, focused and of course calm. So get your laptop, open up an excel sheet (avoid wasting paper where you can) and go! Good luck.


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