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Wedding Wow’s Mag is about celebrating everything Weddings!

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We are The Wedding Co. a boutique wedding planner, not only planning weddings in Mumbai, but at Destinations as well. We operate in India, Middle East, Turkey and South East Asia.

While we offer all services for weddings, this blog is purely about our love for weddings!

The curiosity that drives us when we deliver our services to our clients is what you will find here. From DIY Ideas to current trends, we’ve got it all. Creativity for us is paramount and we hope that this blog can provide you with all that you need to make your big day deservedly the most special moment of your life.

We hope you enjoy reading and have fun!

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Pic of the Author for The Wedding Co. Blog - Irfan Morbiwala

Irfan Morbiwala – founder for The Wedding Co.

Barkha Athania - Founder -The Wedding Co. - Author

Barkha Athania – Founder -The Wedding Co. – Autho